Trump’s “Executive Order 0001” Teased by The Casey Report

Republishing a segment from a Friday File -- the Casey Report ad in question has continued to run in slightly different formats, and the stock is still being pitched by several newsletter folks.

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 16, 2017

Our office is closed for the holiday today, and I’m laid up and trying to finish my late Friday Feel for the Irregulars… so today, for your edutainment, we revisit a pitch that has been circulated and recirculated many times over the last month and a half… the Casey Report’s spiel about a mining company that will be the beneficiary of “Executive Order 0001” and create huge wealth for investors.

What follows is taken from a Friday File that I ran on December 23, it has not been updated or revised. The stock in question is up about 20% since then, so the numbers below will be a little bit off.

–published 12/23/16–

The Casey pitch is about, as you might expect, a “tiny stock” — and it’s very much a “Trump” play. Here’s how the ad gets our juices flowing:

“On his first day as President, Donald Trump will roll back one of Obama’s biggest mistakes… But not the one you expect.

“The result will unlock a $128 billion fortune in a forgotten part of America. And it could send a tiny $1 stock through the roof…

‘Trump’s election could be the best thing to happen to the stock market. And this company could be the best investment of his entire presidency.’ ~ Doug Casey, author of NY Times bestseller, ‘Crisis Investing'”

We’re seeing “Trump stocks” pitched left and right, of course, from the financials who would benefit from rising interest rates to the various construction and energy companies that would benefit from huge increases in infrastructure spending… but this sounds like another thing entirely. What are they talking about? More from the ad:

“Donald Trump can’t repeal Obamacare on his very first day – he needs the Senate’s help for that.

“And it will take some planning before he can start construction of a wall on the Mexican border.

“But on Friday, Jan. 20, President-elect Trump’s first executive order will roll back one of President Obama’s biggest mistakes….

“… the Trump transition team has studied the Presidential rules closely.

“They saw how President Obama issued ‘executive orders’ at an unprecedented rate.

“And the Trump team is planning to use the same strategy to reverse Obama’s massive expansion of red tape and regulatory overreach.

“Trump believes these regulations are what’s keeping American production low – and keeping American workers unemployed….

“… he’s not looking to help big banks or give a major corporation a tax break.

“He’s actually going to introduce a measure that should immediately add 3,000 jobs in a downtrodden, forgotten part of America…. Alaska.”

Ah, so now I think I know where we’re headed with this one. Sounds like Casey is looking at one of those big and as-yet undeveloped Alaska mines that’s trying to get environmental or regulatory approval… and, thankfully, there aren’t so many of those. Which one is the pitch about? More clues:

“Trump’s executive order will wake a sleeping giant – the Alaskan mining industry.

“And there’s one publicly-traded company in particular that could see their share prices soar almost immediately.

“This company’s stock is currently hanging around $1 – but according to the most recent study done in 2013 they’re sitting on a resource mother lode:

“The largest gold deposit in the world.

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