De-Teasing “The Amazing Discovery Behind This Hill Could Be Worth $100 Billion”

What's the latest "huge gold mine" teaser hinting at?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 9, 2020

Almost as soon as I posted my update to our teaser solution about Stephen Leeb’s big copper pitch last week, the questions started coming in about his other mining ad that’s been popping up with gold’s rise — the ad is for The Complete Investor, his entry-level newsletter over at Investing Daily ($39/yr), and the ad starts out with that “tiny $9 comany” headline and a pretty photo of a creek flowing through a misty valley.

And of that photo, Leeb says that…

“The Amazing Discovery Behind This Hill Could Be Worth $100 Billion….

“And early investors in the tiny $9 company that holds the key to unearthing it could see their stake surge by as much as 20-times.”

So what’s the “tiny $9 company?” That’s what we’ll endeavor to find out, time to take a wee look at the clues…

“Now, to most people, this just looks like any old tree-covered hill.

“However, there’s something currently hidden from view behind this hill and beneath the forest floor…

“A massive mineral deposit.

“Possibly, one of the largest ever discovered.”

OK, so some kind of big gold discovery. What else? Here’s a little more from the ad:

“… why hasn’t it been dug up?

“And why aren’t there giant excavators and rock trucks swarming all over it?

“Well, first, it’s located just below the Arctic Circle.

“That means much of the ground lies frozen almost year-round… and it has remained so for centuries.

“Second, and more importantly…

“The location of this massive treasure trove has been so cold, that few people have been willing – or able – to live near this remote location year-round.

“In fact, some days the temperature drops to -37 degrees.”

And apparently the shifting climate is going to open this deposit up, and make it easier to get this mine developed. In Leeb’s words:

“Warming Temperatures and Melting Ice Here Could Hand You LIFE-CHANGING Profits….

“… right now, the latest geological estimates are that there are over 33 million ounces – just waiting to be unearthed.
That’s over 1,000 TONS of gold….

“that’s over 1/3rd of all the gold that was mined throughout the entire world last year.”

OK, so comparing “possible reserves in the ground” to “how much gold was produced” is not terribly useful… but I guess it gives some perspective. And no, I should not have used the word “reserves” there, that word is reserved for gold that has meen identified through drilling and is very likely to be not just available underground to be dug up, but economically viable to produce. Before you define your reserves you start with a “resource,” which doesn’t care about the economics and just tries to estimate with some precision how much gold is there… and before you have resources you have “a little guessing fueled by initial drilling results.”

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Which are we dealing with here? They don’t say, so let’s see what other clues we get…

“One of these factors I pay very close attention to is the executives who are running the show.

“From what I’ve seen – the management team running the miner that’s sitting on the ‘mother lode’ of gold deposits – is one of the best I’ve seen in this sector of the market.”

OK, so what hints does he drop about that management team?

“… the billionaire executive that’s getting this massive mineral deposit ready to be mined has a track record second to none….

“He and his team discovered and financed one of the largest deposits of silver and zinc in the world.

“He founded a natural gas exploration company that became the fastest-growing privately held hydrocarbon exploration and production company in the US.

“And today, he currently holds significant financial interests in the companies that own several of the largest proven gold deposits in the world.”

And they t