What’s the “5G Fix?” An Updated Look at Leeb’s “Devastating 5G Flaw Exposed” Teaser Pitch

The Complete Investor promises "gains of up to 2,247%" in selling Leeb's special report "The 5G Fix: How To Profit From The $5 Stock That Fixes 5G’s Fatal Flaw" and will generate $6.6 billion in royalties

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 1, 2020

This ad is being circulated again, and sending a lot of questions our way, so I’m re-posting our solution (which first appeared on September 4, 2019) and taking an updated look — the ad itself has not been updated at all, as far as I can tell, but I’ll add my updated thoughts throughout and post some longer updates at the end.

The steady thirst for 5G fortunes is far from being slaked, it appears — pretty much all publishers have some tried some kind of promotion to convince us that they have the best and most lucrative idea for investing in the next upgrade cycle in mobile telecom… and today we’re looking at the latest spiel from Stephen Leeb, who has been a newsletter guy for decades and is currently peddling subscriptions to his The Complete Investor letter ($39/yr) by hinting at a “5G savior.”

Here’s a little taste of the ad:

“The impact 5G will have on the world will be every bit as transformational as the combustion engine, the light bulb, the personal computer, and the Internet.

“Maybe even all those inventions combined.

“But before any of that can happen…

“There’s a devastating 5G technology flaw the telecom industry needs to overcome….

“One of 5G’s greatest features is that it can send and receive data at speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G.

“5G can do this because it’s using a higher and faster range of the Radio Frequency spectrum… between 30 and 300 Gigahertz.

“Because they have a very small wavelength, signals in this range are called “millimeter waves” or mmWaves.

“But compared to 4G signals, mmWaves are 90-pound weaklings.

“A brand-new, high-speed, high capacity 5G antenna can only transmit a wireless signal just a little over 500 yards.

“Plus, if there’s an obstacle like a wall, a car, or even the leaves of a tree sitting between the antenna and your phone… no 5G for you.”

If you’ve been seeing the 5G hype over the past year or two, this is no surprise to you — yes, 5G is probably going to forever work in concert with 4G because it’s not going to be possible to cover every inch of the world with an antenna and base station every couple hundred yards… but in areas of high intensity data use, or where low latency is particularly valuable, there are several ways of beam-forming and antenna location that are hopefully going to provide something like 5G coverage in most urban areas.

So what’s the solution that this little $5 stock has come up with? more from Leeb:

“I’ll also tell you about the company I’ve uncovered that has single-handedly developed the solution.

“When regular investors discover the information I’m going to share with you today… the company with the $5 stock price and trillion-dollar solution…

“They’ll start loading up on shares faster than a Ferrari on the Autobahn.

“Which means, if you follow my simple instructions today, you could quickly find yourself sitting on $117,385… $234,770… or even as much as $469,540… depending on how much you invest.”

OK, that was mostly just hype — if you want to be “sitting on $117,385” anytime soon, I hope you’re starting with $100,000 (that’s not what Leeb promises, just a rational assessment — he says that “the information in this report could help you turn $5,000 into $117,385 or more over the next 12 months,” which is close to being insane) … but let’s get to the hints about these solutions to the “devastating flaw”…

“The $5 “5G Savior” plans to solve the 5G Flaw in two very different ways.

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“Fix #1: The Brute Force Approach

“If a 5G signal can only travel a few hundred yards from the nearest cell tower antenna, the surest way to increase its reach is… you guessed it… Install more antennas….

“For 5G to offer similar coverage, a network of ‘repeater’ or ‘small cell’ antennas needs to be installed every 1,000 feet or so…..

“For 5G to offer the same level of signal strength and reliability, cellular carriers may need to install up to 50 times more antennas than are currently in use.

“That means within the next five years, we could see as many as 16 million 5G antennas installed… just in the United States.”

OK, so instaling 16 million anythings in short order probably means a business opportunity… how does this company come into it?

“Several years ago, the $5 company figured out there’d be huge demand for 5G antennas.

“So they invested heavily in designing and building some of the best, cutting-edge antennas in the world.

“… I believe the $5 company will be hired to supply a major percentage of America’s 16 million new 5G antennas.”

And, of course, there’s that second solution to the flaw…

“Instead of using the 4G method of spraying signals in all directions at once and hoping each one finds the right user’s smartphone…

“5G beamforming tracks the exact location of each connected device and sends a laser-focused ‘beam’ of data directly to it…

“Even when the user is moving.

“Beamforming technology is also smart enough to identify obstacles like trees, buildings, or cars when they’re in the way…

“This really is some next-level, futuristic technology we’re dealing with here.
And this $5 company is at the forefront.”

What other clues do we get?

“… the company does business in more than 130 countries around the world”

And it’s also a patent owner….

“Patent Licensing Will Generate Billions

“The company owns more than 1,000 5G technology patents….

“This means every time a smartphone manufacturer builds a 5G phone, it owes the company a licensing fee.

“My research shows this fee could be as much as $3.50 for every 5G smartphone sold anywhere in the world.”

OK, so that’s enough clues — the Thinkolator won’t even have to come out of the garage for this one… but let’s just see what other hype he throws in before we get you your answer…

“If expert estimates are even in the ballpark, as many as 1.9