“Pot Paydays” to “Collect up to $56,725 per year from America’s thriving legal cannabis market”

Jason Williams at The Wealth Advisory says "I’ve been raking in cash hand over fist thanks to a little-known secret of the legal cannabis markets that I call 'Pot Paydays'"...

...so, what's the "secret?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 20, 2020

The folks at The Wealth Advisory have had some very long-running teaser pitches about “secret income” over the years, particularly the pitch about “Netflix Royalties” that we covered many times (that was really just teasing data center REITs) and the “Prime Profits” pitch about making income from Amazon packages (which teased the warehouse REITs, including ProLogis).

And those investments were generally pretty successful dividend-paying ideas, with some decent growth thrown in in some cases… but now it’s been a few years, and those stories perhaps are getting a little stale, so we’ve got a new one called “Pot Profits” — shall we dig in?

The pitch this time is from Jason Williams, not Briton Ryle (who I guess is still with The Wealth Advisory, but not involved in this particular ad), but it’s more or less the same general idea… here’s a little taste from the ad:

“If you’re the type of investor who’s looking to chase risky, high-flying pot stocks…

“Then you can stop reading this letter right now because that’s a sucker’s game.

“See, while most folks lost their shirts gambling in the pot stock bubble…

“I’ve been raking in cash hand over fist thanks to a little-known secret of the legal cannabis markets that I call “Pot Paydays.”

“And I continue to collect these reliable and juicy paydays long after the bursting of the pot stock bubble.

“These paydays keep getting bigger too — A LOT bigger….

“I’m talking about an extra annual income as big as $56,725 (or more) every single year for as long as the legal cannabis industry exists!”

Hmmm… I’ll bet that a few eagle-eyed Gumshoe readers have already guessed at an answer, but let’s make sure first.

As is frequent with these kinds of investments, we get some tantalizing hints about the massive income that some “normal” folks are making from these investments…

“Cathy used to work as an accountant, but now the only account she has to balance is her checking account because she’s getting paid $78,244.96 a year thanks to “Pot Paydays!”

“Then there’s Scott C.

“Scott is a surgeon by trade, but he’s also an investor. And he jumped on this opportunity when he heard about it a few years ago. Now he’s looking at “Pot Paydays” worth $23,574.40 a year….

“Take Barry K. He works in real estate and currently lives in San Francisco. In 2019, he received $103,900.62 in ‘Pot Paydays,’ and he recently got a ‘payday’ worth $38,366.

“Then there’s David S. He’s an auditor from Des Moines, Iowa. He banked $27,717.58 in ‘Pot Paydays’ last year.

“Or how about Brian W.? He collected $53,387.95 last year!”

We can dig into a couple of those examples in a moment… but first, what other hints do we get about the company?

They make it sound easy, as is the case with all “income” teaser pitches these days:

“You don’t need to invest in any flash-in-the-pan cannabis company to collect your share of the payments.

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“You don’t need to send any money to Mexico or Canada.

“You don’t even need to live in a state or country where m