Sniffing out the “Title VI Funds” Teased by The Wealth Advisory

What does Brian Hicks call the "Preferred Investment Secret of the Super-Rich?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 27, 2014

“Started in 1873 to provide monthly income to widows and orphans in Scotland…

“‘Title VI’ Funds Are Now the Preferred Investment Secret of the Super-Rich! ….

“There’s a type of fund — a fund that most Americans know very little about — that’s responsible for protecting and growing the wealth of the world’s greatest investors.

“I call this kind of fund ‘Title VI,’ thanks to the clause given to it by the SEC.”

That’s the intro that caught the attention of a great many Stock Gumshoe readers over the last few weeks. It’s from an ad for The Wealth Advisory, a newsletter from Angel Publishing helmed by Brian Hicks, and it promises — as so many have promised before — to introduce you to the secrets of the super-r