“Some Americans are legally tapping the coffers of the IRS for a steady stream of $1,000s”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 8, 2015

Another week, another promotion that makes something real (and maybe even a little boring) sound like an incredible, sneaky way to earn income.

Such is the way things go in the dark, dank recesses of the teaser mines here, deep under Gumshoe Mountain.

So what’s being teased now? A way to “tap the coffers of the IRS” for a steady stream of cash. And yes, it’s “Perfectly Legal!”


OK, here’s a bit of the pitch, which is from a letter trying to sell subscriptions to The Wealth Advisory:

“… here’s the good news: There is a way for you to get all the money you pay in taxes back from the IRS… and more.

“Take Casey Hummel in Arizona, for instance.

“She pays her taxes on time every year.

“But in addition to her tax return, she also gets a check courtesy of the IRS every 90 days.

“She cashed a check on February 26, 2015 for $4,192.

“And she’ll keep getting paid every three months for as long as she chooses.

“The story is even better for Bob Schmidt in South Carolina.

“Bob just collected a $9,257 check thanks to the IRS. And he’ll get this payout four times a year!

“Casey and Bob are part of a group of savvy Americans who have discovered how to tap the coffers of the IRS for a steady income stream of thousands of dollars.”

Oh, if only we could all join that group of “savvy Americans!”

Wait, we can! Just send your credit card info to Angel Publishing, and you’re in!

And, of course, you get to have your revenge on those nasty ol’ bullies at the IRS…

“Make the IRS Pay!

“When was the last time the IRS saved you any money?

“I’ll bet the answer is never.

“That’s because saving you money isn’t the agency’s goal. The IRS tries to intimidate people like you and me into paying MORE taxes than necessary.

“Most people never do anything about it. But I’ve had enough of being bullied.

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“And so have a small group of Americans who are turning the tables on this money-grubbing band of thieves.”

For the record, and in case any auditors happen to be reading this missive, I’ll note that I’ve always had perfectly pleasant interactions with the IRS… I don’t like paying taxes, because, of course, no one likes paying taxes… but I don’t think the IRS is cheating me. If I’m grouchy about anything, it’s the complexity of the tax code, carefully poked at by every single member of Congress over 200+ years with the sole intent of rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies, and I would imagine that working at the IRS and trying to interpret the massively convoluted tax code is probably awful.

But anyway, what is this “revenge” you can take on the IRS? How are these people getting these payouts of $1,260… $2,902… $5,912…?

More clues:

“They’re simply taking advantage of a little-known loophole you can use to pocket an extra $3,000 to $19,000 this year. And the year after that. And the year after that… for as long as you wish.

“It’s easy. And it’s all ethical and legal.

“The money you’re getting is not a loan. And there’s nothing to pay back.

“After all, it’s YOUR money — you’re simply putting it back into yo