What’s “Electric Glass” and why is The Wealth Advisory hinting that “One Tiny Company at the Center of it Could Hand Early Investors a Huge Windfall?”

Sniffing out that "Electric Glass" tease from Jason Williams

Most of the pitches we’ve looked at from The Wealth Advisory over the past several years have been exaggerated income promises… like the “Prime Payouts” from Amazon or Pot Paydays that were supposed to generate $48,000 or $56,000 a year.

This one is a bit different, though, much more of a “get in early on new tech” idea about the next generation of batteries. The offer is their special report called “How to Get In On the Ground Floor of the Multitrillion Dollar Electric Glass Revolution” … and all you have to do, of course, is pony up your $99 for a subscription to The Wealth Advisory.

Or, if you prefer, read on and we’ll see if we the Thinkolator can identify this company for us and get you started on doing your own research. Ready?

There is all the false urgency that we see in just about every teaser pitch… this is from the order form:

“‘Electric Glass’ could be the opportunity of a lifetime for regular investors.

“A chance to get in on the ground floor of a truly WORLD-CHANGING technology…

“And ride that technological revolution to a life-changing fortune.

“Commercial production of ‘Electric Glass’ is set to begin very soon.

“Once that happens, the small company I’ve told you about today will be a household name…

“In the same vein as ExxonMobil, Tesla, Shell, or BP.

“But today — and maybe only today — you have a chance to get in before that happens.”

So what’s the story? What’s “Electric Glass?”

That’s really just a reference to solid-state batteries, which have certainly been teased before — we’ve heard these called Quantum Glass Batteries, Jesus Batteries, Forever Batteries, and I’m sure the superlatives will keep coming. Here’s a little more from the ad:

“According to CNET, ‘Electric Glass’ represents the “Holy Grail” of energy technology.

“Because as ‘Electric Glass’ is rolled out to every country, state, town, and home across the world…

“It will transform the entire $3.3 trillion energy industry.

“But despite this interest from the world’s richest and most powerful people…

“Very few members of the general public have any idea what’s going on.

“So retail investors who get in now could be part of an entirely new generation of millionaires.

“What’s about to unfold has only occurred a few times in human history.

“The invention of the steam engine…

“The discovery of oil…

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“The splitting of the atom….”

Subtle and understated, no?

The big promise of the ad is, of course, financial… the point of pitching an investment newsletter is to promise someone that these ideas will make you rich…

“… most remarkable of all is at the center of this $3.3 trillion tidal wave of wealth is just one tiny company that — get this — controls virtually all the patents for ‘Electric Glass.’

“Which means it may soon be the most valuable energy company in existence.

“And if you get lucky and place your stake into this small firm before ‘Electric Glass’ begins to be rolled out en masse…

“You could be looking at a massive windfall.”

As with many of these kinds of pitches, they often blur the lines between the industry and the company they’re promoting — the idea is to conjure up an image of a fantastical future and focus not on the hundreds of high-end labs who are working on developing battery breakthroughs in companies and universities around the world, but on the one company they imply will be the “winner takes all” victor in the end.

So I’m going to skip over some more of the broad hyperbole about solid state batteries in general (sorry, I mean “electric glass”), and move on to sniff out the specific hints about the company they’re teasing… this is what we get:

“The U.S. Department of Energy gave this company its initial seed funding back in 2010. It’s gearing up to deploy “Electric Glass” to 8,000 charging stations across America in one of the largest infrastructure overhauls in history. It believes it ‘can lead the next industrial revolution’ because of this effort.”

And then…

“‘Electric Glass’ will soon be a vital component of almost every single piece of technology in the world… part of the fabric of the future.

“And in the process, drive trillions of dollars in new wealth.

“And unlike the semiconductor revolution, I expect the lion’s share of all that money to flow to one place and one place only.


“One Tiny Company Owns More Than 200 Critical Patents for This Groundbreaking Technology… And Has a Virtual Lock on the Entire Global Supply of ‘Electric Glass!'”

That’s a bold statement. Solid state batteries as the next generation to replace lithium ion batteries have been an area of major focus for battery researchers for more than a decade, and there are thousands of patents in this area (quite possibly hundreds of thousands)… and no real supply, since there is no commercialized large-scale production of these batteries, so having a “lock on the global supply” doesn’t really mean anything.

But anyway, we can look past the exaggeration… we’re looking for more clues. What else do we learn about this “one small company?” A few more hints about the founder, who is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several companies…

“The founder was