Will the Upcoming “Silver Tsunami” create a “$4.8 trillion torrent of wealth?” (The Wealth Advisory)

Sniffing out the "market-beating income plays" from Brian Hicks

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 27, 2012

The Wealth Advisory is one of those “entry level” newsletters that pretty much all publishers put out — it costs less than a hundred bucks a year, and it gets you used to paying for financial analysis without feeling too much pain … sort of a gateway drug before you get pitched on the “hard stuff” like the special trading services, deep value letters, or niche advisories on mining stocks or energy or biotech or options that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

As a publishing strategy, it clearly works well — even though my readers often write in with anger about how frustrated they are when they pay for an analyst’s advice in one of these less expensive letters and still get teased about the better, more expensive advice or recommendations that analyst is providing for a more “elite” group of subscribers.