“Is the Pope Cornering a $55 Billion Market?”

Checking into Contrarian Profits' teaser for "The Pope’s Secret: How a New York Biotech’s Miracle Stem Cell Therapy Could Save Lives and Make You Wealthy"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 11, 2014

That line about the Pope was my favorite of the several different ads I saw on this from Rogue Capitalists Daily when I waded into the teaser pits to start my day this morning — there were others, they appear to be testing which headline works best with investors, so I was also enticed by the same ad pitched under the subject line “You, the Next Ground Floor Millionaire?”

Either of which catches your attention quite nicely, I think — do you want the direct appeal to greed, or the odd and attention-getting statement about the Pope? Either way, I read through the presentation so we could get some answers for the Gumshoe faithful today.

The ad is from Sara Nunnally, who along with Sandy Franks has been the core of what is now Contrarian Profits for a few years now (they were called Taipan in the past, then Insiders Strategy Group, other names have drifted in and out at this Agora-affiliated publisher), and she’s got a spiel designed to get us to subscribe to her Tipping Point Prospector, a newsletter that will run you $750. “On sale,” of course.

Her ad is all about a biotech stock, so we’re continuing our medical focus so far this week — appropriate, I think, since we just brought on a new contributor for biotech and medicine topics here at Stock Gumshoe and, well, because the biotech market is everyone’s favorite these days. It might be a bubble, particularly after even the large caps and the big biotech indices came close to doubling in the past year, but there’s always a hot new company that can quadruple based on good results in the clinic … and bubbles are sure fun until they pop.

And what is the stock this time? Well, the short answer is, it’s a stem cell company that’s partnered with the Vatican.

Whaaaat? OK, there really is such a company — but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, let’s see how Nunnally spins her web:

“This could be the market story of the century…

The Pope’s Discreet Investment

“REVEALED: How a small tech company – backed by the pope – could change the world and hand you 331% gains in the process….

“Few people know the Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest institutions in the world.

“It’s a $170 BILLION annual business.

“The Vatican even has its own bank….

“The Catholic Church invests its money just like big Wall Street institutions do… Not only does it trade bonds and shares of companies, but it owns assets like gold, rare coins and even a real estate company based in Rome….

“But what I’m going to share with you today marks an unprecedented event…

“Historic, in fact.

“That’s because it’s the first investment partnership EVER by the Vatican with this type of small-scale technology company.

“In other words, it’s the ONLY company in this realm that the Vatican endorses exclusively.

“This tiny company has a unique technology with the power to change our lives.”

That $170 billion number, incidentally, is just an estimate of the annual spending by the Catholic Church in the United States, based on an analysis by The Economist … most of it goes to fund hospitals and colleges.

The Church isn’t very forthcoming about its finances, but presumably the global operation is bigger. Not that this makes much difference, we can just stipulate that they’re huge and influential.

Here’s some more from the ad to help us get our juices flowing … and, of course, a few hints to help us identify the company:

“With this company’s blockbuster product, it could capture a major chunk of a market worth $55 BILLION.

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