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March 6, 2019 11:47 am

I too have joined the FF club The idea of using algorithms from past performance to predict future performance is not new. It can be quite accurate and with care you can be profitable. I am going to watch and paper trade using the money calender. I wish Tom had gone back 30 years instead of just 10. More info means more accuracy. We have had mostly bullish years in the past ten and we are in the midst of an bear market at present. How this will play out remains to be seen. I have taken positions in cannabis stocks using a service called NICI National Institute of Cannabis Investors.
So far my portfolio is up over 40 percent…not bad. I have turned $14,000.00 into close to $21,000. Some stocks doing better than others but all in all looks good. The cannabis industry is big and growing quickly. Be wary though. There are over 200 cannabis companies and more IPOing every day. Predicting stock movement is only part of it. The timing of the movement is almost as important as the direction of the move. Don’t totally rely on anyone else for your picts. Learn, study, paper trade till you have more winners than losers then….,and only if you can afford to lose…try some real trades.

March 9, 2019 6:18 pm

I spent over 15G to become a lifetime member of the MMP (Money Map Press) and can safely say that it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life All the editors want you to rely on them for trades, non of them want to teach you how to trade except for Tom. The worst editor is Chris Johnson and his night trader. 95% of everything he recommended expired worthless and I got the screenshots to prove it and they promote him like he’s made his readers just over 5,000%. They never take into account the losing trades he recommended. Tom however doesn’t want you to rely on his recomendations and every once in a while he says it. He’s trying to teach people how to find winning trades which is something I like. Yes not every trade is a winner but I’ve also got the screen shots to prove that over all most his recomendations are winning trades. Knowing what I know now I wish I became one of his optionetic students. I would’ve spent a lot less money and I’m sure I’d be up as opposed to the massive loss I’m sitting on now. The alpha-9 program is new but when you see his weekly portfolio updates you’ll see hes making his subscribers money which is a hell of a lot better then the rest of the editors at the MMP. For those of you that are new to trading or looking for advise by means of a subscription go to Tom’s Trading Room and spend your money there. Good luck