Yastine’s “The Next $ 1 Trillion Industry” pitch — what’s “The Most Critical Technology in the World Today?”

Quickie solution for the Total Wealth Insider tease...

This ad has been around for more than a year, and I haven’t written about it… partly because the Thinkolator doesn’t have a 100% certain match (we only get a teaser solution wrong about once a year, and I want to keep that 99%+ accuracy rate).

But it is an interesting one, and I started getting questions about it again this week so I guess it’s being pushed again — so I’ll go out on a limb and post a not-quite-sure solution for you this time around just to get the conversation started.

The hook in the ad for Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider ($47/yr) is that it’s all about a “simple line of code” that will “revolutionize the single greatest piece of technology in the world today…”

“Over the last few months, my team and I have poured through endless stacks of financial documents, consulted with legions of industry contacts, and spent countless 16-hour days researching the latest trends in technology.

“Everything pointed to the same conclusion…

“This simple line of code will soon pave the way for exciting new innovations that propel America into a new golden age of technology. Not only that, it will transform industry, offering companies the chance to save as much as $400 billion each year.”

So what is it? This is all about cybersecurity, and “revolutionizing the internet” to make it safer.

So clearly he’s pitching a cybersecurity stock… but which one? The silly little code excerpt in the ads means nothing (though sure, it looks very official… e=1.getData(16,16,1,1).data,[private]g=e[0]+”,”+e[1+” etc etc)….

… and the actual headquarters building is just a head fake, this is from the ad:

“You see, a team of researchers at this small company … the one in this building right here … has been hard at work to develop an innovative solution that could put an END to cybercrime for good.”

Sometimes we can help confirm a company based on a photo of a building or a location, but not usually with Banyan Hill — they seem to have noticed that the Thinkolator is on the case, and they’ve been just buying stock images of buildings and lying about the occupants. That photo has been sold as a stock photo for illustrating the idea of a “modern office building” for a decade or so now, you can find it at shutterstock here if you’re curious or would like to buy the rights to use the photo.

So we’ll need something else to go on… what else do we learn about this company and its cybersecurity tech?

“What this code does … is it stops cybercriminals BEFORE they strike.

“Essentially, rather than put your information inside