“How a Company You’ve Never Heard of Could End Alzheimer’s Disease and Save America’s Financial Future”

A Quick Friday File look at a Patrick Cox teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 5, 2014

That’s a subtle headline, right?

I already issued a bit of a “brain dump” for the Irregulars this week, on Wednesday instead of Friday, but I couldn’t resist taking a little look at this latest teaser pitch from Patrick Cox for his Transformational Technology Alert. Quite a few readers have been asking about it, and it does get your little greed receptors tingling.

Here’s how the ad opens:

“Alzheimer’s Is the Most Terrifying and Destructive Disease in America TodayThis Tiny Company Could Give Millions New Hope…

“The investigation below shows you how one company could bring renewed hope to millions of Alzheimer’s patients and also save America’s financial future.”

No small potatoes there, right? Alzheimer’s Disease is the Great White Whale of big pharma — it’s the largest and least effectively treated disease out there, and it’s only getting worse with more and more people living longer and longer, giving them more opportunity to develop this devastating variety of dementia. It has also been a sinkhole into which billions and billions of dollars have been spent researching potential drugs, bankrupting companies in the process as we still really fail to completely understand what causes Alzheimer’s and what might work to prevent or reverse it.

So despite the fact that this is a huge, unmet market need — there’s no cure. Not even anything particularly close to a cure in the pipeline, from what I can tell, though there are at least hundreds of clinical trials of Alzheimer’s drugs and treatments going on at any given time. There are somewhat effective drugs in wide use to treat the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s (not the underlying disease), with the most established one being Aricept (which has been around so long that it is now available in generic form).

I’m not going to go into great detail about Alzheimer’s Disease here, other than to say that yes, hundreds of leading researchers are looking for treatments and cures and millions are being spent by public and private labs… and it’s an irresistible pitch story for investors whenever anyone has a chance at an effective Alzheimer’s treatment, because the very notion brings up instant dollar signs in our eyeballs. And, of course, the feeling that we’re going to be both selflessly virtuous and wealthy by investing in a cure.

If you want more background, Doc Gumshoe did a good job ...

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