What’s “Ruby-A?” Explaining: “FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer’s Kryptonite” teased by Robert Williams

Will this "Wonder Powder" teased by True Alpha starve cancer and spawn a healthcare revolution?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 26, 2015

This article originally appeared on January 28, 2015, when the ad was newly released — the same ad, without any major revisions that we noticed, is being distributed widely again and generating questions, so we make this piece available again. The stock teased is at roughly the same price now as it was on January 28, though it has had big moves both up and down in the interim. What follows has not been edited, updated or revised since 1/28/15:

Lots and lots of folks have been asking about this one — all about a “hidden poison” and a company with a “wonder powder” that the ad says could “starve cancer at its source… save countless lives…” and, of course make us all rich.

So what is it? Let’s dig into the clues in the ad and find out. The pitch is for True Alpha, which I guess is a new service from the Wall Street Daily folks (I don’t think we’ve ever covered this letter before), and it starts out with the kind of hype we’ve grown accustomed to from Robert Williams:

“… there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when a famous TV anchorman, ‘Barry,’ tearfully revealed his story as a cancer survivor.
Barry was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer of the neck and spine at the age of 50.

“Now he regards himself as the ‘luckiest guy on Earth.’

“These days, the proud father of young twins is sending a stark warning to the world…

“A toxin found in virtually every diet, including his own, feeds cancer cells! ‘There’s an immediate change in your body when you cut the toxin,’ says Barry. ‘I’m talking about deep down benefits at a cellular level.'”

And the panic level rises as they talk about how many of us are contaminated …

“Contamination Levels Have TRIPLED in the Last 50 years…

“Imagine spilling syrup on your keyboard.

“Well, now you have a visual of what occurs inside a human cell when this toxic additive takes full effect.

“The toxin gums up our body by changing its metabolism.

“It raises blood pressure.

“It critically alters the signaling of hormones.

“It catastrophically damages the pancreas and liver, too.

“But the worst part?

“Until now… it’s been virtually IMPOSSIBLE to remove this toxin from our diet.

“So here we are… for the first time in human history, non-communicable diseases pose a greater health threat than infectious diseases.”


Oh, wait. He’s just talking about… sugar.

So this is just a spiel for a sugar substitute, because that’s going to reverse the obesity epidemic?

Um, OK. Because gosh, aspartame and saccharin and sucralose and acesulfame potassium have come so far in helping us get healthier since the 1970s.

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We’ll leave a big pile of skepticism by the door here as we continue along our journey through this funhouse — but don’t forget to pick it up on your way out.

Assuming that you’re ready to believe that the problem has been that our sugar substitutes aren’t good enough, and that the $1 trillion burden that obesity places on the healthcare system will be fixed by a lower-calorie sweetener, which will also fix Medicare’s finances…. well, let’s see what wonder company is going to do this, shall we? Here’s more from the ad:

“.. healthcare’s savior is finally here…

Patent #20110X858867 could mark the end of the world’s most dreaded diseases… including the big ones like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

“But are you prepared for the downstream financial effects? They’re poised to rewrite stock market history. In fact, they could put between $79,840 and $141,410 into your trading account, beginning with your first 100% gain in the next few days.”

Gosh, no, I’m not ready to get filthy rich and “rewrite stock market history.” We should just stop now, and I’ll take a few days to get my head around that, then I’ll be ready to go.

No? OK, on we move, then:

“Introducing the Most Valuable Patent in History…

“It’s ready to replace the patent on Lipitor as the most valuable in history.

“Lipitor generated $108 billion in revenue over 20 years, and helped drive Pfizer from a penny stock to one of the most powerful companies in the S&P 500.”

So… now we’re comparing some kind of sweetener patent to the most successful patented drug in history? Apparently, that’s because “RUBY-A” — the name Robert Williams is giving this miracle product — “attackes the root cause of heart disease” while Lipitor only manages cholesterol levels.

Remember, we left our skepticism at the door. So we’re swallowing that, for the moment. Or at least not saying anything too snarky.

“These miracle crystals attack the root cause of virtually every non-communicable disease on the planet….

“With such promise comes what could be the largest valuation ever bestowed upon a single patent…

“I estimate the patent’s low end to be worth $70 billion.

“But its upside runs as high as $134 billion….

“The best part for investors?

“One company trading for less than $10/share owns the exclusive