“The Safest Way to Make a Small Fortune in the Next Five Years”

Do "Micropayments" Add up? Sniffing out Steve Sjuggerud's "ValuableProperties.com" teasers for True Wealth

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 22, 2012

Steve Sjuggerud just started teasing a new website that he’s launched called valuableproperties.com — which apparently is an add-on to his True Wealth newsletter, at least for now (one presumes that if it’s a big hit, they’ll come up with a way to charge more for it).

The ad is posed as an “interview” with a Stansberry “reporter,” and the first long shtick of it is all about how he thinks the best way to make a fortune is by earning money from huge companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Verizon, etc without touching their stocks, bonds or options, taking advantage of something he calls “micropayments” that are contractually obligated payments from these companies.

Well, the short explanation for what that means (and yes, I’m saving you from reading through pages of their blather to get to this point) is this: He wants you to buy landlords who own valuable property (or sometimes “property,” in the case of less traditional assets), and the “micropayments” are the rent that those landlords earn, which then gets passed through to you, the person who owns the companies who collect those micropayments.

And he has apparently built this valuableproperties.com database to track which companies own valuable assets, and which of those companies are the best investments according to his system. In many cases that means just publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), but some of the teased investments in his initial recommendations list are less traditional, companies that own other valuable assets or royalties but who don’t necessarily collect rents at the moment.

The intro, of course, makes it sound far more mysterious than that:


“Elizabeth Jarosz interviews a former U.S. hedge fund manager who’s figured out a clever way to collect an extra $325/month as a result of ‘micro-payments’ from big U.S. corporations like Amazon, FedEx, Microsoft, and Home Depot…

“WITHOUT touching their stocks… and without touching mutual funds, options, or bonds either.”

And the “interview” runs through several examples of these kinds of profitable companies who collect “micro-payments” from big and profitable corporations — including examples that we’ve written about from time to time in this space as well, lower-risk plays on tech trends like Digital Realty (DLR) and American Tower (AMT). So that’s the basic spiel: he has been using researchers to put together databases of valuable and perhaps less-well-known properties that investors can benefit from, and he’s publishing these using his new valuableproperties.com website.

But what we want to know, of course, is which ones are his favorites right now. So let’s dig into that, shall we? They’re being released in some kind of “special report” that explains his investment thesis on these different stocks:

  • – The Government Landlord, which pays you nearly 8% a year for renting to the government.
  • – The Denver Group, which owns stakes in precious metals properties. Steve says this is one property investment EVERY American should own.
  • – The Chicago Group, which has paid investors 400% since the year 2000… but is super-cheap today.
  • – And Southwest Water Rights, which Steve believes could help you make 10 times your money over the next decade.
  • – Rich America’s Landlord, which owns properties in 4 of the 5 wealthiest counties.

So that’s the basic idea — these five are “The Safest Way to Make a Small Fortune in the Next Five Years” … let’s get a few clues about each one and see if we can identify them for you. The True Wealth newsletter is now going for $39 “on sale” this year (Stansberry seems to be cutting the intro price to $39 for a LOT of their letters lately), renewing at $79 a year after that, but we like to do things a bit more free-ish around these parts, so we’ll sniff it out and share what we find, gratis.

(Though of course, we do dearly love our paying members, the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars, and if you’d like to join that noble group we will open our arms wide to accept you.)

So … one at at tim