“Management Genius Julian Day … [is] working his magic for this company”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 26, 2007

So let’s talk about …

The one stock that could
make you $119,880 richer
in the Next 6 Months …

This one was sent in by another alert reader, I’ve been very happy to see the massive influx of email spam from all of you … thanks! Too bad I lost internet access for four days and am very far behind on reading it all.

So I thought I should quickly write up this nice easy one so you all don’t forget about your friendly Stock Gumshoe.

This ad comes from Dylan Jovine at the Tycoon Report, and he’s itching to give you a Free Subscription and a full report on the company he’s flacking today … which is …

Well, a little more tease first:

This email ad basically urges you to hitch your wagon to Julian Day, who is credited with turning Kmart around (to the great benefit of Eddie Lampert, among others). Here are the hints about what he’s doing now that can make you money …

“on July 7, 2006 he decided to take control of one overlooked retailer in the electronics industry.”

“This blue chip company had seen its stock collapse from $35 to $16 per share. Mr. Day was so convinced that he could turn the company around that he decided to take most of his compensation in stock and options.”

Though I’ve heard plenty about this company over the past year or two, I’m not sure I love it … but Dylan Jovine certainly does. He asserts in his letter that if he was down to his last dollar, his first investment would be in ….

Radio Shack (RSH)

There’s a lot to read on this company if you’re interested, and it has a lot of fans and followers among value investors and “hidden value” investors, but I’ve never been terribly entranced with it — I do remember there was a lot of chatter a couple years ago about their huge reliance on cell phone service sales, but don’t know if that’s currently bad or good. And I also don’t know if there’s a real estate story here, as there was with Kmart, but at least you can go in with your eyes open knowing that Julian Day is now running the show at Radio Shack … and your Stock Gumshoe is back on the case.

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Looking @ your progress spreadsheet, to be fair to Dylan Jovine, he recommended RSH last fall when it was around $16-$17 and he has continued to recommend it since.

I don’t doubt it, though I often have no idea when an advisor first recommended a stock — I just go by the first email I receive (or the oldest one I can find in my inbox) that’s advertising the service using these teasers. I figure, if they’re selling their service using these teaser picks on a particular day, I’m comfortable judging them based on the price on that day. But of course, feel free to add comments like this to any post if you know an advisor’s back story for any of these. Thanks for the comment Bill.SG
Stock Gumshoe:I’m usually a big fan of websites like this but I have to agree with “bill” here. Some facts for you to consider before making big claims again: 1. Dylan recommended Radio Shack to his members of Fallen Angel Stocks last year at $16.75. He recommended the stock in AUGUST (I know because I am one).2.In an interview with America Online/Blogging Stocks, he recommended Radio Shack in DECEMBER at roughly $16 and change per share. (If you would have done some simple homework you could have Googled his name and Radio Shack and this is one of the links… Read more »
Penny Guy

It’s just the nature of trading actually. You can’t expect every pick to be correct to a T.

John G.

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