“#1 Gold Stock” from Luke Burgess (and a few personal portfolio moves)

I’ve got a couple things to share with you today — the first is the solution to a teaser from Luke Burgess that’s come out as part of his big “Inflation Nation” promotion that’s more or less in line with all the “dollar doomed” teasers that have dominated the newsletter business in recent months (including most prominently Stansberry’s “End of America” and Weiss’ “American Armageddon,” though there are dozens of others), and then I also have a couple personal portfolio moves that I’ve made this week to update you on if you haven’t already read those quick postings.

So what is Luke Burgess teasing us about as he aims to reap subscribers to his Underground Profits? We already know that he’s mostly focused on mining stocks, and that he has shown no compunction about doing high-volume teasers for very tiny stocks, which is unusual for a legitimate and inexpensive newsletter (like Ely Gold, which I identified a while back as likely to be his “Nevada #1 Gold Stock”). So this stock is probably in the same sort of vein, but it’s not in Nevada … it’s in the sexier (lately, at least — don’t ask Charlie Chaplin) Yukon territory.

The Yukon was the target of the Klondike gold rush at the turn of the last century, and in recent years miners have been returning in force, looking for the “source rock” that fueled all of the “easy” gold that the prospectors found 100 years ago (not easy for them, but close to the surface). We’ve seen some big stock winners from that region from several of the mining-focused newsletter folks, including Matt Badiali’s oft-trumpeted success in picking ATAC Resources (he teased a few Yukon prospects back in February here, if you want a wider horizon to scan).

Here’s how Burgess hints at his favorite pick:

“Report #1: My #1 Gold Stock for 2011

“114 years ago, the Yukon Territory was home to the largest placer gold deposit in history. From all over the world, thousands of brave souls fought the relentless climate in order to claim their share of the 12.5 million ounces of the yellow metal, just laying on the surface.

“Today, we know that placer gold only represent 1/10th of the entire deposit. And after several talks with the majority land owner, I’ll show you one tiny company currently working on more than ...

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