“The Forever NanoBattery: Makes old batteries obsolete and investors wealthy”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 2, 2008

This one has come up in questions from readers quite a few times over the past few weeks that it’s been circulating, and the shares have already moved up a little bit with the company trying to get some press coverage tomorrow as they demonstrate their technology. So now seemed like a good time to mention them.

The teaser is from Untapped Wealth and editor Tim Fields, they’d like $99 from you for the special report and a subscription to the newsletter … Untapped Wealth isn’t covered by Hulbert and I’ve not seen their long term performance figures, so I have no idea whether or not they’re any good. But I do know you don’t need to subscribe just to find out the name of this “forever battery” company — not while the Gumshoe is on the case!

One small point gives me pause: Fields takes credit for recommending New Oriental Education (EDU), which we’ve seen teased several times in the past year, about a year ago, which is fine and probably true … but in so claiming he says that “The last recommendation letter I sent out turned $75,000 into $225,000 in less than 12 months!”

I don’t know how he tallies his performance, but the last two teaser stocks that I’ve sleuthed out that came with his name, both of which were sent and, one assumes, written within the past year, well after the EDU rec, would have lost money by my calculations: E-House (EJ) and Clearwire (CLWR). Not a lot of money, I admit, which might be a moral victory in this market, but the claim that the “last letter” he sent provided 200% returns rings a little thin with me.

But back to that forever battery … the hyperbole is strong within this one, my friends:

“It’s like getting a royalty check EVERY time someone buys a battery – anywhere in the world!” Tim Fields

… is how the ad begins — how often does someone quote themselves in the headline of a letter to add veritas? Odd.

And then goes on to say that …

“The Most Startling Innovation In 208 Years Is About to Be Unleashed On the Market… And once it is, you’ll never plug in your cell phone, iPOD, or laptop again!”

The ad is teasing a company that’s trying to develop and market a new battery design that relies on nanotechnology, which certainly doesn’t narrow the search down to a single company (there are at least dozens of high profile researchers working in this area both in large corporations and at Universities, and many several smaller companies counting on making the next breakthrough in this area, a few of whom are public)

So what do we learn specifically here?

First, the case is made that everything from mobile electronics to transportation is clamoring for a better battery. That we can all agree on, and we’ve seen battery companies teased before (like Ener1 for their version of the lithium ion battery for automobiles). Clearly, we’re not all going to have phones that are much smaller (like Qualcomm’s April Fool’s day HandSolo, perhaps?), or electric cars parked up and down our streets, until batteries get smaller, more long-lived, faster, and safer (no one wants their car to catch fire).

The tease is, of course, that Tim has discovered the company that can best provide deliverance from this widely accepted problem. And that’s a standard investment marketing ploy that we all see nearly every day — build up a problem that everyone has heard of or understands, explain why it’s so important to solve that problem … and then sell the one solution you have as the only solution, without mentioning the other possible solutions or competitors. His marketing letter is here if you want to whole spiel about battery evolution.

Not to cool your jets or anything — maybe this one is the “real deal” … let’s continue …

The promise of gains is more dramatic than most other stocks we’ve looked at — Tim is “so excited about this little company and … expecting its shares to multiply 3,600% within the next 12 months.”

So — does anyone want a three thousand percent gain? Anyone? Good enough? What’s the sweet spot — would it be better if he promised 500% gains and seemed more realistic, or 30,000% to really knock your socks off? Tough call.

So we’ll settle for the 3,600%. Let’s see how it works out for him.

So the special report is called “The Forever Battery: Making Today’s Batteries Obsolete… And Its Investors Wildly Wealthy”

And by way of teasing the details, here’s what we get:

It’s a whole new battery design, not just a new chemical makeup for the standard design.

It has relied at least in part on military funding for R&D, apparently part of a push after Gulf War I to make a better battery after some battery problems and failures in that conflict.

He calls it the “world’s first nano battery” and says it’s ready for production.

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Of course, we’ve got a quote from the reputable news media to add some weight to Tim’s claims: ‘Christian Science Monitor says, “nanotechnology…has allowed the battery industry to begin to catch up with the electronic industry’.”

And here’s another excerpt that talks about what this battery company’s technology really offers:

“So how does this “forever battery” work?

“Simply put, its design keeps internal chemicals from mixing together – which is the reason even a