Basenese’s Quark: “I’m Scared This Technology Will Fall into the Wrong Hands…”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 24, 2015

Louis Basenese runs (or used to run, their website now has Greg Miller as the head) a service he calls VentureCap Strategist for Wall Street Daily, and readers have been writing in with questions about one of his ads off and on for a few weeks now — I don’t know that it’s in circulation right now, but it’s still live (it’s dated May, so perhaps he doesn’t even own the stock today, I dunno), but I thought a quickie weekend solution would taste just about right for some of you today…

…. so we’re going to jump on this one as we enjoy our Saturday morning pancakes. And yes, if you want the short version this was briefly discussed at least once on the site back in the Spring. We’re going to look into the details, but I can’t promise I’m the first to “reveal the secret” this time.

The ad gets our attention with a robot, “Attie”, which, in combination with this “Quark” idea, will put us all at terrible risk… as Basenese puts it:

“A life-altering breakthrough is about to benefit society in the best way imaginable…

“Yet it could also mark the beginning of the end for mankind.”

It’s basically a “rise of the machines” argument — but we’ll get to that in a minute. First he tantalizes:

“Be ready for a success of EPIC proportions.

“This technology is guaranteed to radically alter people’s lives in the most profound way imaginable.

“During testing, I witnessed a 66-year-old man – ‘Chase’ – experience a rush that he never dreamt possible.

“In fact, I can safely say the following…

“This technology gifted Chase the single greatest moment of his entire life.

“I say that with absolute conviction.

“So consider yourself warned…

“Success is an infinite certainty.”

That’s the kind of argument that people often find compelling, but doesn’t, of course, really hold much water — changing someone’s life with some fantastic invention is great, but it doesn’t mean it will be a great business. Maybe, but not with “infinite certainty” … whatever that means.

Basenese’s reference to a “Quark” is meant to describe that kind of “guaranteed success” idea — here’s how he puts it:

“‘Quark’ is a term that venture capitalists use to describe technologies in which the public has NO CHOICE but to embrace.

“I prefer to call it ‘forced adoption.’

“For example, do you know anyone who enjoys cab rides?


“Therefore, Uber was a quark.”

In case it helps you to understand my viewpoint: I’m one of the idiots who was (and is, I guess) skeptical of the potential of Uber — probably because I get too hung up on the risks, like getting picked up by a predator or having the right insurance or getting shut down by city regulators. But that’s beside the point. Yes, it’s sure a “Quark” now, and is changing transportation in a huge way.

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But what stock is Basenese actually talking about? One last bit of hype before we get to the clues:

“In a few moments, I’ll unveil your first opportunity to own a quark.

“Investment proceeds could reach upwards of $227,000 for every reader.

“It’s a technology guaranteed to benefit society in the best way imaginable.

“How radically life-altering is this quark?

“Quarks are regarded as the Crown Jewels of any technology incubator…

“But this one is about to become the Crown Jewel of mine!

“That’s right…

“I manage a model portfolio of early-stage companies presently being incubated, and publish my research concerning those companies to an inner circle of readers.

“The criteria for inclusion into my