What’s Stansberry teasing as “America’s New Energy?”

Checking out an energy storage teaser pitch from Brian Tycango's Visionary Investor

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 12, 2021

Brian Tycango, who joined Stansberry a few years ago after recommending mostly Asian stocks for a long time in his own newsletter, is launching a service called Visionary Investor with teaser ads that are getting the attention of Gumshoe readers in recent days. At $49/yr, this is positioned as another “entry level” growth-focused newsletter, in the same vein as Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report or Stansberry Innovations Report (which is also bundled with this deal, if you pay $79), or any of a dozen similar services offered by other newsletter publishers. (And that’s the “sale price,” of course, Visionary Investor renews at $199, as is also fairly typical).

And the promise, essentially, is that he’s found the next great energy storage investment… the ad starts out with some of the scary stories of past power outages, including the massive blackouts in Texas recently, and in the Northeast during the huge blackout in 2003 or the Superstorm Sandy outages in 2012, and positions this “new energy” as a savior. This is from the order form:

“And one company has found the ultimate way to harness the cheapest energy in the world. I believe their tech will be used to stabilize and sustain power grids all over the world.”

So what’s the storage tech he’s pitching today? What stock are we looking at? Here’s a little sample from the ad:

“This little black box has the capability to store 2x as much energy as the ‘groundbreaking’ storage tech Elon Musk debuted in 2020.

“It can cycle through over five times as many charges. That’s decades of life – making it one of the longest-lasting energy storage devices on the planet…

“Right now, this is one of the cheapest ways to capture and harness power in the world.

“This charges up to three times faster than normal energy storage devices – including Tesla’s.

“And the energy stored within this black box is almost twice as dense as anything ever produced.”

The ad includes a photo of the “tiny box” that represents what he says is “one of the most advanced energy storage systems on the planet,” which makes it seem more real, and he name drops some big companies that might make you daydream of riches…

“It’s not Tesla… Amazon… Google… Apple… or any big corporation you’ve likely ever heard of.

“It’s actually up to 80x smaller than any of those.

“But in a few years, it will probably be a household name.

“And I predict that buying shares of this ordinary (but totally unknown) stock today could easily show you 600% gains.

“This key to virtually unlimited, free energy will be – by far – the biggest technological breakthrough of the 2020s.”

OK, so that means this “secret” company probably come in near $10 billion in market cap, since Tesla, the smallest of that bunch, is an $800 billion company at the moment.

What else?

“It took 10 years and over 2 million prototypes to find the perfect materials and configuration.

“It works flawlessly in -20° Fahrenheit temperatures.

“And the biggest benefit?

“It doesn’t explode when you puncture it, making it eons safer than the most widely used energy storage in the world today: the lithium-ion battery.”

OK, so it’s probably some kind of battery technology — and if it’s safer and they make the point that it doesn’t explode when punctured, it’s probably a solid state battery. Other hints?

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