“Limitless Wealth from the ‘Tar Sands’ of Rare Earths and Precious Metals” (Nick Hodge)

Alternative Energy Speculator teaser of the "world's next mega-mine" explored -- "Is This the Goldmine of the Future?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 15, 2011

I promised to keep looking at Bakken stocks, but the overwhelming barrage of requests piling in overnight for this “goldmine of the future” teaser ad forces me to push that one to the top of the pile.

And let me just say, even before I begin, that this one is dangerous — the stock they’re teasing is teensy, with a market cap of under $20 million … and they say that their “special report” is not out on this stock yet, so that leads to some risk that they’re just priming the pump for a stock, and may even be trading around it since they’re not specifically mentioning the name yet (in part because they know that quite a few folks will go searching for info and find it, either here or elsewhere). I don’t know if they’re doing this, just that they could — their disclaimer reads as follows:

“The publisher, editors and consultants of Angel Publishing may actively trade in the investments discussed in this newsletter. They may have substantial positions in the securities recommended and may increase or decrease such positions without notice.”

So that’s your up front caveat — just wanted to get that out there before we build up the excitement level for this “goldmine of the future!”

So what is the stock they’re teasing with this promise that the report will be available “in the next couple of weeks” to paying subscribers?

Well, for that we need some clues … here’s what they tell us:

“I’m standing on what could become one of the largest metal mines in the entire world.

“It’s so big, the Canadian media calls it:

‘… the world’s next mega-mine…’

‘… an endless river of base and precious metals…’

‘… with the potential to generate billions of dollars in wealth…’

“And when I recently discovered that some of the wealthiest and most successful resource investors in North America were putting their own money into this project, I hopped on a plane with Nick Hodge and Andrew Mickey to see it firsthand.”

And of course, we get the obligatory, “here’s a photo of me with a helicopter, and some pictures of rocks to prove that we really went to check it out” pictures. Your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe is embarrassed to admit that I would have no idea which rocks to take pictures of were I to join in one of these junkets. Then again, I also will not be getting into a helicopter of my own free will, not unless I’m being airlifted to safety from a volcanic eruption, so I probably won’t get to visit any really exciting rocks anyway.

And in addition to the photos in the ad, we also get a line that we’ve heard so many times that it ceases to have much meaning:

“What we saw blew us away…

“I knew that I was looking at possibly the greatest investment of my lifetime.”

But you know, even if we are a bit jaded … we still really, really, really want to know what stock this is.

Some more clues?

“Like a blanket covering 670,000 square acres (1,050 sq. miles), the metals are at the surface, visible to the naked eye.

“You can literally scoop up gold, silver, copper, nickel, cobalt, and zinc with your own hand.”

And we’re not satisfied with just gold and copper and the like, there’s more!

“Every metal vital for modern civilization is right there, billions upon billions of dollars’ worth.

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