“The 5G Invasion: The No. 1 Stock to Buy Now as Australia Goes All-In on 5G”

Most Stock Gumshoe readers are in the US and Canada, as you might imagine if you care to waste time in such musings, but we do have a number of readers in Australia, as well, so sometimes we like to jump in and cover one of the teasers from Down Under.

The selling techniques are quite similar across the English-speaking world, partly because the world of investment newsletters is dominated by a few big publishers… and one of them, in particular, the Agora group, has spawned local firms in many different countries who take their copywriting strategy and apply it to that country’s markets (and investors).

So that’s what we’ve got here today, the ad is for the Wealth Eruption newsletter in Australia, which is put out by the Agora affiliate Port Phillip Publishing. The current editor of that service is
Härje Ronngard, who signed the ad letter we’re looking at.

And other than the umlaut and the references to the ASX and some other vocabulary differences, this pitch could have come out of any of the Agora-affiliated offices in Baltimore or Florida.

The big picture is one we are very familiar with, since it has been one of the more widely-touted ‘trends’ in the economy — “5G is coming!”

Here’s some of Härje’s take on it…

“If I’m right, the Aussie 5G pioneers I’ll show you today could be just as influential as the early players in the first internet boom back in the early 90s.

“In fact, play this opportunity just right — the way I’ll show you in this letter — and a few months from now, you could be counting some big investment gains.

“And I do mean BIG.

“You could double, triple or make up to FOUR TIMES your money here.

“That’s short-term. In the next 12 to 18 months.”

Australia has similar broadband challenges to those we have in the US — burdened by a country with lots of open spaces and with several embedded telecom companies who have not always been quick to invest in improving services… so they can even use some of the same ideas that have worked so well to get people revved up and angry about the current state of affairs, complaining about how broadband speed is so much slower than that in many other countries — this ad highlights the outrage as being that “Australia is slower than Estonia,” but you can cherry pick these things to find outrage for just about anything that frustrates you about your local telecom services. (Australia and New Zealand don’t have the best wired broadband networks, but actually have very high 4G/LTE download speeds compared to the US and many other large countries, for example, and much better wireless speeds than, yes, Estonia).

The bogeyman here is not the current state of wireless networks, but the National Broadband Network (NBN), which has been Australia’s largest infrastructure project in memory and has been, as you might imagine, a political football as cost overruns and moving goalposts provide plenty of fuel for pundits to criticize everyone involved. That network is going to be an important part of backhaul for the huge data demands that will be placed on the system by 5G, I imagine, but we’re also seeing 5G teased as a “finally we can get something better than the NBN” idea.

Here’s more from the ad:

“Australia’s shiny-new 5G network is set to be up to 800-times faster than standard NBN speeds. 100% wireless. And as soon as 30 June, it will be available nationwide….

“In 2019, the most disruptive tech advancement in 27 years looks set to officially hits Aussie shores. And the ASX-listed companies helping build it could better than QUADRUPLE your money in the next 12 to 18 months…starting with the flip of a switch!”

So… what are those stocks that they think we should buy? We start to get into some hinting now…

“… this boom won’t be driven by the usual suspects.

“I’m fairly confident the biggest 5G stock gains won’t emerge from the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

“These stocks have already experienced their mammoth, turbo-charged growth phases. Their big early gains have come and gone….

“The truly epic 5G profits will emerge from the companies BUILDING IT

“And I’ve handpicked one such stock for you today.”

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So what’s the stock? Here are some of the specific clues…

“5G Invasion Stock #1: This Aussie internet champion could soon become the ‘Comcast’ of the 5G revolution (and TRIPLE your money as they do it!) ….

“It’s a Brisbane-based 5G engineer. A company tasked with rolling out 5G technology across the nation….

“It’s helmed by a former BRW Young Rich Lister. An entrepreneur who has built a handful of successful tech companies in Australia and around the world.

“For example, in 2010 he offloaded one of his businesses to TPG, for a cool $373 million.

“In 2015 he floated not one, but TWO companies on the ASX. One of those listed companies has already doubled in value since December 2015.”

And a few other tidbits:

“… where Comcast was first in the cable game, your Aussie 5G play is an early player in fixed wireless internet.

“They’ve got a goal to become the go-to provider in the 5G space for retail consumers and businesses.

“That job involves laying out miles and miles of fibre to connect hundreds of 5G antennas….

“In 2014, the company oversaw 130kms of fibre optic networks in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

“Today, that network has ballooned to include a 176km fibre network connecting the business district in Singapore. Plus, a 186km fibre network that links Singapore and Sydney.”

And some numbers…

“In the las