What’s the “Artificial Intelligence ‘Stealth ID’ Technology” Stock Being Teased by Outsider Club?

What's the facial recognition and weapon-scanning stock being teased by Jason Simpkins for The Wealth Warrior?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 20, 2019

This article was originally published when we first saw the ads circulating, in April of 2019. The stock has since lost about 2/3 of its value, but we’re getting a lot more questions about it this week and the ad is circulating again, this time pitching it as a 50-cent “defense” stock that will double as Boeing suffers… and, of course, that “you have a small window to get in on the ground floor” — the ad appears to be unchanged, and the article below has not been edited or updated since April. I continue to not own the stock or have any other disclosures, and haven’t looked at their latest financials or news releases.

–from 4/24/19–

Another day, another “one tiny company” pitch about a little recent IPO that’s going to solve our problems — in this case, stopping school shootings and terrorism and, while they’re at it, also making in-store advertising more effective. And it’s only 50 cents a share! Woohoo!

OK, fine, maybe that’s not all precisely true. We’ll take a step back and see just how much hyperbole is in the ad… and, of course, we’ll feed those clues to the Thinkolator and ID the stock for you, so you can do some thinking for yourself.

This time the wording is slightly different, presumably as they test what works for folks — you get a special report “dossier” called “Invisible Detection: 2,500% Gains on the Stealth ID Mega-Trend” for $99, and with it a “free” subscription to The Wealth Warrior, the new (to me, at least) newsletter from Outsider Club’s Jason Simpkins that seems to be focused on defense technology and similar sectors. And, of course, once that “free” year is up you’ll get an automatic renewal of your membership (for $99, presumably) unless you call to cancel.

So really, it’s all just the same stuff — does a “free” report make you more likely to part with your credit card number? Probably, but if not I’m sure they’ll try some slightly different tack next time.

And it’s the “secret” stock in that dossier that we’re after today — what is the stock they’re touting?

Here are our first clues:

“A new device — greenlighted by Trump EO 13769 — combines AI and Machine Vision to…

“End terror attacks and mass shootings…

“Become the go-to security tool in schools, stadiums, political events, and more…

“And send the tiny $0.50 stock that owns the technology surging for short-term 2,500% gains.”

OK, so some kind of mass surveillance/weapon identification technology, I guess… only it’s not the same Patriot One pitch that we’ve seen from Outsider Club folks in the past, so it’s someone different (they do compare this sto