More on those “Safe Penny Stocks” teased by WSD Insider

Sniffing out teased companies in biometric security and logistics.

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 11, 2012

OK, I promised to feed a few more “safe penny stock” teasers into the Thinkolator today … so here goes …

The first one, if you remember, was a little semiconductor company that makes accelerometers and similar gizmos — that was MEMS, you can go back and check out that article here if you missed it the first time around. It’s OK, we’ll wait for you.

Ready? Excellent.

Well, as I said yesterday, this is a similar ad to one that the WSD Insider/White Cap folks have run several times over the years, though they usually slot in new companies as their “Safe Penny Stocks that can h and you astounding gains no matter what the market does.”

So what are the others? Well the clues are very brief so we might miss some of ’em — they tease a hydraulic fracking company as #2, for example, but tell us only that their revenue increased by almost 2,400% at some point. That’s obviously a huge jump, but there isn’t a company alive that’s generating that kind of growth on any kind of consistent basis so it must have just been a company that dramatically ramped up its business at some point in the last year, probably in some kind of one-time move based on a big equipment purchase or a merger. Who is that?

Beats the hell out of me. There are several energy services firms that are in or affiliated with the hydraulic fracturing space that have posted big revenue jumps in fairly recent quarters, including jumps of several hundred percent for stocks that you’ll often see touted by newsletters like CJ Energy Services (CJES) and Heckmann (HEK), and even the beaten-down GasFrac (GFS in Toronto) has posted revenue gains of over 100% in a quarter at least once over the past year. I’ve looked through a few dozen of the likely suspects and didn’t notice a decent match, and that’s not quite enough to feed to the Thinkolator … so we’ll move on to one that we can solve (if you know the fracking one, by all means, toss it out there for us with a comment below).

What’s next?

“The Biometrics Revolution Leader

“Personal and corporate security is more critical than ever, and we’ve isolated a small company with blue-chip clients like Dell, Motorola, Nokia and LG. Not surprising, when you consider its biometric fingerprinting sensors are the most accurate on the market… and it works on everything from personal computers to smartphones to tablets. Demand for this technology is set to skyrocket as consumers discover the importance of keeping private information more secure than Fort Knox.”

Interestingly enough, I was just reading about a different kind of biometrics security — a new one that uses the unique (I guess?) pattern of your heartbeat, though I have no earthly idea how they can get your heartbeat to be consistent. My heartrate changes a lot during the day, depending on how often I have to take calls from telemarketers and how Mrs. Gumshoe is dressed, among other things, but I guess there must be some kind of algorithm that can identify folks regardless of their level of stress or excitement. That particular one was a little company called Idesia (they were private) that just got bought by Intel (INTC). I do own Intel, but not because