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“How Did a Tiny, $20 Million Startup Make Tesla’s Entire Product Line Obsolete?” — What’s the tiny electric motor stock teased by Alex Koyfman?

This article was originally published on October 18, 2018, we’re re-sharing it here because a new variant with a new headline is driving a lot of questions our way… Koyfman is now apparently taking advantage of the fact that Tesla’s in the news again by teasing this as a new spiel that starts out: “Tesla […]

Is “Einstein’s Extinction Prophecy” Solved by Penny Stock Millionaire’s favorite Bee stock?

Alex Koyfman, who edits Angel Publishing’s Penny Stock Millionaire, has an ad out that caught my eye mostly because it’s headlined “Einstein’s Extinction Prophecy” … because, and I don’t know if you know this about me, I like not being extinct. So I thought I’d dig into it for you — it’s a pretty typical […]

“Deadly Underwater International Security Threat Revealed — Turn $1,000 into $25,400 in just the next 6 to 12 months”

I’ve got several teaser pitches percolating right now, but this one quickly rose to the top after a couple readers sent it to me this morning. Why? Not because I’m all that excited about the stock (it shouldn’t be a public company, frankly), but because the promises of absurd returns are so specific and over-the-top […]

“This Tiny Tech Company Will Have More Users Than Apple, Google, and Facebook… … Combined”

Yeah, probably not. But that’s the promise — and there is some mathematical possibility that it could happen, if all the ducks line up in a row and this company becomes dominant. You never know, I suppose, but let’s go into this with somewhat more realistic possibilities… like, “this company could double.” That I could […]

“A Tiny Biotech Firm is Bringing One of the Oldest And Most Crucial Procedures Known to Medical Science Into the 21st Century”

There’s another new penny stock-focused newsletter now, this one’s called Penny Stock Millionaire and it’s being run by Alex Koyfman, who is apparently the new guy at Angel Investing. And it appears they’re using the same copywriters on his stuff as they do for Nick Hodge’s blue sky speculations from his newsletter, so this one […]


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    Haven't seen any updated version of this ad floating around recently, but l...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    That's a little "new electric motor" penny stock that Alex Koyfman's been teasing -- I covered it here: https://www.stoc...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    I can only tell you what we've uncovered from his teaser stock ads, have never actually seen the newsletter -- we've cov...

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    6/9/18 Energy & Capital issued a teaser by Alex Koyfman for a company that manufactures a device that can detect dan...

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    Looks like he's just a serial promoter. Alex Koyfman | Angel Publishing ...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    We covered that one last week here:

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    $Teaser ? This Little Black Box Could End Mass Shootings Forever Weekend of 20180120 tease from Alex Koyfman... #AI ...

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    #Bitcoin Bubble Now Critical | Gobble >>> :-) <<< elbboG | By Alex Koyfman | Thursday, November 23,...

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    I found this article interesting. What will a smartasfone do next? MVIS No position: Your New Phone: A Mobile Theater ...

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