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“What happens when the world’s richest man makes the biggest strategic blunder of his career?”

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is waltzing into Australia expecting an easy win… “Too bad he didn’t bother to check a map first. “His firm will be totally lost down here… unless YOU step up to help. “Here’s how to guide Amazon across Australia…all from the comfort of your own couch… and potentially turn a 64-cent […]

Motley Fool’s “Next Generation of ‘Hidden Millionaires’ Pitch

Motley Fool Canada launched a new dividend-focused newsletter service called Dividend Investor Canada earlier this year, and they’re now promoting it using a promise that they’re finding retail’s “next generation of ‘hidden millionaires.” And, of course, the bait that they dangle to entice you to subscribe is a report with some “secret” stocks that they […]

“NEXT American Superbrand” again … Motley Fool’s latest “Core” and “Best Buy Now”

The Foolies are out in force with another ad for their flagship Stock Advisor newsletter, we’re on vacation this week so I’m not putting together brand new articles but I reminded you about their “#1 Stock Across the Motley Fool Universe” yesterday … and today we’ll remind you about the other pick they’re pitching in […]

Motley Fool’s “One American Brand” Could Double Within a Few Years

“ONE AMERICAN BRAND POISED TO POWER INTO THE GLOBAL MAINSTREAM! “Every decade or so, a brand is born in America that goes up like a moon shot and becomes a recognizable symbol all over the world… Brands like Levis… Coca-Cola… Harley-Davidson… Heinz… McDonalds… GE… Budweiser… Disney… Gillette… Pepsi… The Gap… IBM… Wal-Mart… Apple… Nike… Microsoft… […]


  • The text below comes from the pitching byJeff Brown published in ”Bonner& Partners” newsletter: ”Amazon Coin: T...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    From Barron’s today — the benefit of having an editor, they put it far more succinctly than I could, though I agree ...

  • Your apparent trivializing of the impact of Amazon on small businesses and brick and mortar stores is grossly disparagin...

  • I joined Paul mamphilly's run buy I think Banaan to get the name of this stock that is going to make you rich . That's...

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