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Rapid Response: The Israeli Cure for All Cancers? And a Postscript on Opioids

What set me off on this rant was the very first comment on the piece that posted on January 31st, “Looking Backward – And a Peek in the Other Direction.”   Here’s the comment: “Thanks, Doc. Hope you will comment on the news out of Israel this week:” Naturally, I looked, and what I found […]

Migraine Update

When I last took a look at what was happening in the treatment of migraines, I took careful pains to elucidate the differences between migraines and a plain old bad headache – the fact that migraines affect only one side of the head, and a detailed disquisition on the symptoms that many migraineurs (that’s the […]

Friday File: Two Sell/Buy Simplifications in Mining, plus more Buffett, a Dating Trade, and thoughts on a dozen other holdings

We’ve seen a long stream of earnings reports and other worthwhile bits of data on Real Money Portfolio stocks since I last wrote to you, including some that actually included some interesting news, so prepare for a lot of quick updates…. Medical Properties Trust (MPW) reported another quarter of ho-hum… pretty much met the forecasts, […]

Such A Pleasant Stay

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, chooses his own topics, and his words and opinions are his own. All of his past articles and most recent comments are on his Stock Gumshoe page.] “Thanks to you I’m much obliged Such a […]

A Non-Statin Pill That Really Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Inflammation without Side Effects Would be a Good Investment, Right?

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medical topics and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and his thoughts and words are his own. Enjoy!] Any discussion of cholesterol immediately turns Brobdingnagian, such are the extremes in question. Statins, which lower LDL cholesterol, are bombastically the best-selling drugs of all […]

What’s Happening in Cancer Treatment? Are We Making Progress, or Are We Stuck?

Today we’re sharing another piece from our medical contributor, “Doc Gumshoe” — we have added the stock tickers to the companies he mentions for your researching convenience, but this survey of the state of cancer research — which will hopefully be good background help to folks trying to understand the basic science behind pitches for […]


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    $RDUS Long Radius rises after safety of Amgen osteoporosis drug questioned Shares of Radius Health (RDUS) are tradi...

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    $ABBV $GILD $AMGN - An interesting article from IBD evaluating comparatively three biotech giants "AbbVie Stronger B...

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    Pre-market actions, 1/6, per IBD at 8:45am In Motion: Amgen, Regeneron, Ionis, Verizon Premarket action was a mixe...

  • Dr. KSS MD PhD

    Out at Amgen ($AMGN). Biotech buoyancy doing nothing for shares. Out for slight profit....

  • LongOnLife

    We don't discuss Amgen $AMGN much on this site but I follow them. Here's news of another rejection from the FDA. http://...

  • Dr. KSS MD PhD

    I put a little Amgen $AMGN in my portfolio today as a trading buy. Earnings have awakened the street to what a powerhous...

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    $CLCD long. Amgen ($AMGN) and Novartis’ ($NVS) migraine drug erenumab has hit the primary endpoint in a Phase II trial...

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    Amgen (AMGN) looking mighty fine on cancer front.

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    Interesting Baron's article. Gilead Science, How bad can it get? Email Print smaller Larger By Ben Levisohn ...

  • Michael Jorrin (aka Doc Gumshoe)

    Not to blow my own horn too blatantly, but here's what I said about Kite in a Doc Gumshoe posting back in February. I ...

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    Don’t Buy Gilead’s Headline Gilead Sciences (GILD – NASDAQ) By Bottarelli Research Published Friday, May 01, 20...

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