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Today I’m getting a lot of questions about the “Coronavirus Recovery Package” being pitched by Alexander Green — he’s selling Oxford Club subscriptions ($99) by promising a special report called “The Three Biggest Winners of the Coronavirus Recovery.” Green’s big-picture intro is pretty reasonable and rational, and similar to lots of other folks these days […]

I’ve gotten a few questions about the new “True Alpha” pitch from Charles Mizrahi that uses “David and Goliath” imagery, so we’re checking that one out today… mostly because the idea of this firm having “a virtual monopoly on the future of 5G and IoT” piqued my interest. Mizrahi’s letter extols his past success in […]

It’s time for part two of our Annual Review, this week I’m getting to a few of my largest holdings, including some that reported earnings recently and have had a big impact on the market. In the big picture, we’ve seen what impact a surprise event like the viral epidemic in China can cause… and […]

Does anyone know about the latest hype to purchase a newsletter that will reveal the ”secrets” to cashing in on the payout to individuals required of Amazon???

I’ve been seeing ads for the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Canada service recently that catch the eye… mostly because they promise what we all want, the ability to find that one stock that will turn your small investment into a life-changing fortune. They do this by starting with the story of “Forty-dollar Frank” …. “When […]

The Motley Fool is pitching its Stock Advisor Canada service lately with a tease that refers to Amazon’s “Project Vesta” … and it’s all about some Toronto-listed stock that apparently is about to beat Amazon at something. “Beating Amazon” is one of those stories that appeals to everyone, of course — we all want to […]

The latest email ad from Stansberry Research entices us into believing that Stansberry’s got the next gargantuan gainer, like Amazon or Apple… “Nearly two decades ago, one of our analysts covered an obscure online bookstore called Amazon… “And it went on to change how we shop forever. “Today it’s one of the biggest companies on […]

Everyone is talking about Facebook (FB) in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the stock is one of my larger personal holdings… so although the stock has not yet hit my stop-loss trigger that always causes me to rethink and re-analyze a holding, I feel the need to share my thoughts and my […]

I’ve had a couple readers ask about this one, and it seems fairly interesting, so I thought I’d look into it even though it doesn’t seem to have been particularly actively promoted. The “tease” came in Steve Sjuggerud’s free Daily Wealth newsletter over the weekend, as bait to tempt subscribers into his True Wealth newsletter […]

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is waltzing into Australia expecting an easy win… “Too bad he didn’t bother to check a map first. “His firm will be totally lost down here… unless YOU step up to help. “Here’s how to guide Amazon across Australia…all from the comfort of your own couch… and potentially turn a 64-cent […]

Motley Fool Canada launched a new dividend-focused newsletter service called Dividend Investor Canada earlier this year, and they’re now promoting it using a promise that they’re finding retail’s “next generation of ‘hidden millionaires.” And, of course, the bait that they dangle to entice you to subscribe is a report with some “secret” stocks that they […]

Quite a few eagle-eyed Gumshoe readers forwarded the latest ad from Dr. David Eifrig to us over the weekend — he’s pitching his Retirement Millionaire newsletter, which is an “entry level” offering from Stansberry that includes money-saving retirement tips and health tips as well as investment ideas. It tends to not be an aggressive or […]

Just a brief note here to let you know that I’ve sold a little over half of my Shopify (SHOP) options position. I was pondering whether to hold on to this speculative position in the April $60 SHOP calls last month, since the one clear remaining catalyst before option expiration would be their quarterly report […]

Each year I go through all of the stocks that I either own personally or have brought to the attention of the Irregulars (there’s quite a bit of overlap on those lists), and I make sure to update my thoughts and opinion on that stock in an organized and, hopefully, disciplined way — that helps […]

The Foolies are out in force with another ad for their flagship Stock Advisor newsletter, we’re on vacation this week so I’m not putting together brand new articles but I reminded you about their “#1 Stock Across the Motley Fool Universe” yesterday … and today we’ll remind you about the other pick they’re pitching in […]

“ONE AMERICAN BRAND POISED TO POWER INTO THE GLOBAL MAINSTREAM! “Every decade or so, a brand is born in America that goes up like a moon shot and becomes a recognizable symbol all over the world… Brands like Levis… Coca-Cola… Harley-Davidson… Heinz… McDonalds… GE… Budweiser… Disney… Gillette… Pepsi… The Gap… IBM… Wal-Mart… Apple… Nike… Microsoft… […]

The subject line of the email was enticing indeed — “Bigger than Amazon or Ebay!“ So what could it be? Well, if you sign up for the research report from Brian Hicks at Quantum Investor (and consign yourself to a life of “free trials” and endless additional spam emails, perhaps), he’ll tell you. Or, you […]


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    Hello Travis, Just saw Jim Pearce from Street Authority's ad for MiracleBlood. Any help from the thinkolater? Deep....

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    Thank again to Travis for exposing a con and verifying that "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is". A simple ...

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    Thanks for "unveiling" the wizard behind the current on this scam-like pitch by Jim Pearce....

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    Hello - Just joined the forums here. I was thinking of joining Jim Pearce's Profit Matrix. If I don't, I suppose I wi...

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    Just got a teaser for it tonight, with the statement that it's a window that could close by midnight -- Jim Pearce is pu...

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    have emailed Jim Pearce and Joe Duarte at least eight times asking,e.g.,their comments on ARGS last earnings report. The...

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    my last of the day Jim Pearce with the tiny company that can turn 10G into 214,290 It's used in every laptop and desktop...

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    On August 6, 2015, " Jim Pearce", Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Smart Tech Investor is touting what appears to be S...

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