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Today we’re looking for yet another “magic metal” stock, this time it’s teased by Matt Badiali for his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter over at Banyan Hill… and it’s all about this magical “green rock” that has some kind of virus-killing power, so the marketers are really highlighting the COVID-19 angle. Here’s a little of the […]

Today I’m starting my Annual Review, during which I take a (hopefully fresh-eyed) look at every stock in my Real Money Portfolio and update my opinion for you (and, frankly, for me, since it’s a good exercise). Some of these stocks pop up in my writing practically every week, but for others where there might […]

A pretty quiet week as I try not to overreact to market gyrations, so we’ll be briefer than usual this Friday… but there are a few interesting things to talk about…. Crown Castle (CCI) reported a “beat and raise” quarter this week, if just barely. They raised their dividend roughly as expected this week, bumping […]

The next wireless standard to be adopted by telecom service providers might be the biggest one since 3G enabled the first real “high speed” data and reasonably useful internet access by smart phones. And new wireless standards are always of interest to investors, not least because the growth of smartphones has tracked the improving networks […]

CoreSite (COR) announced their latest dividend increase this week, which I’ve been anticipating — would they continue to be a rapid dividend growth REIT and keep investors excited, or will the slowing of the dividend growth continue to make me more cautious about the valuation of this highflier? Well, it turns out that the dividend […]

Today we look into the teased “Gold-X” from Gerardo Del Real, who writes the Junior Mining Monthly newsletter and calls himself a “Texas gold expert” … his ad promises an easier way to get huge returns on little gold stocks while taking a lot less risk. “Gold-X” seems an odd name for a “secret” investing […]

I’m always interested to see what kind of big-growth ideas are being teased, particularly in a market that already feels so expensive, so a Cabot pitch caught my eye again this week — this time it’s from Mike Cintolo for Cabot Growth Investor, and this is what grabbed my attention: “My Expectation: A 25% Jump […]

Happy Tax Day! (OK, not really — I’m told you get until the 18th because of holidays this year… but still, April 15 holds a special place in our hearts.) I’m coming to you a bit early with your Friday File this morning, since I’ll be traveling later in the day — our publishing schedule […]

Several folks have asked about the state of Altius Minerals (ALS.TO, ATUSF), which I’ve written about for you many times and have owned for about seven years (time flies when you’re having fun!). They just released their quarterly filing, and the initial impression is “more of the same” — the business is chugging along, cash […]

Each year I go through all of the stocks that I either own personally or have brought to the attention of the Irregulars (there’s quite a bit of overlap on those lists), and I make sure to update my thoughts and opinion on that stock in an organized and, hopefully, disciplined way — that helps […]

Christian DeHaemer was an eager evangelist for “blood in the streets” investing many years ago, when we first started covering his hyped-up hints about earthshaking discoveries and — but it’s not the the Rothschild “buy when there’s blood in the streets” dictum, it’s quite a bit more literal. He has long talked of buying stocks […]

All of you, dear Irregulars, know that Stock Gumshoe is not a “tip sheet,” and I don’t operate a portfolio for other people to emulate or copy, or even attempt to track the stocks we cover as if they were a portfolio of buys and sells with consistent trading advice… but I do keep a […]

I’ve got a big ol’ pile of updates and thoughts about a dozen or so companies to get to, but we’re going to start with a teaser solution today. Paul Mampilly of Agora Financial’s FDA Trader apparently sent around a teaser note to his own subscribers (I say “apparently” because I’ve only seen the cut-and-paste […]

I’ve owned shares of Sandstorm Gold (SAND) for several years, and it was one of my larger holdings for a while, so readers ask about it with some frequency — particularly during times like these, when it is wildly volatile. So is Sandstorm Gold a buy today? Well, I haven’t sold any shares recently. But […]

I always get a lot of food for thought when I go to the Value Investing Congress, so I’ve got a teaser solution and some updates for your Friday File enjoyment but I thought I’d start with some musing about the Congress ideas that percolated to the top for me on the train ride home… […]

Happy Friday, all — Irregulars have already seen a few “members only” articles this week, from Dr. KSS’ new posting to my update on goings-on with Ligand, so I think we’ll probably be a bit on the brief side with the Friday File today… let’s see if I can stick with that prediction. Things are […]

These are my notes and instant reactions from a presentation at the Value Investing Congress, the notes below might contain errors, paraphrases, incorrect quotes, or misinterpretations. Dan Ferris, who we have covered many times, is presenting about Altius Minerals (ALS.TO, ATUSF), which he has covered for years and we’ve written about many times (it’s also […]

I’m in the midst of the Annual Review of all the stocks on the Gumshoe spreadsheets. As I said last week, we bumped Sandstorm Gold (SAND) down to a “speculation” because of the uncertainties with some of their streaming deals as a few of their partners have hit hard times (though I haven’t sold any […]

Those who’ve been around these parts for any length of time know that I like to get the minerals and mining exposure in my portfolio primarily through royalty companies and their ilk — the firms who put in cash or exploration properties in exchange for a share of future production but who don’t actually do […]

Here’s the lead-in to the new Stansberry & Associates pitch: “How I Got My Multi-Millionaire Grandmother To Finally ‘Spill The Beans’ On Her BIG Retirement Secret “She went from making $17 a week… to completely retired, practically overnight. She hasn’t worked a day in over 53 years and will NEVER outlive her money. “She’s never […]

In case you’re following Altius Minerals (ALS.TO ATUSF), the 10% pop that mostly came late on Friday (though it’s still rising today so far) was from Alderon’s (AXX ADV.TO) deal with Hebei closing and getting that financing on board for development of the Kami mine — Hebei put up $120 million, so that’s a huge […]

Everyone in the investing punditry game has to make predictions, so I’ll go out on a limb here and let you know which of the stocks in the Gumshoe universe I’m most excited about for the coming year. I’m also, so you know, going to be revamping how I present and track the “Idea of […]

The teaser ads are piling up again for companies that offer some sort of royalty interest in precious metals mining operations — and I think there’s a good reason for that. The royalty companies and streaming companies are ready to do deals and many of them are flush with cash, and junior miners are, after […]

After several years of touting (and sometimes teasing) microcap mining stocks for subscribers of Stansberry’s super-expensive Phase 1 newsletter, Matt Badiali is launching a new letter that focuses on these small stocks, picks that he says are too small and volatile for his inexpensive S&A Resource Report letter. This letter is called the S&A Junior […]

From what I can tell, it sounds like Rick Rule and Brent Cook have recently been talking up Altius Minerals, a favorite of mine and a favored pick of many resource investors who talk up “prospect generators” — the shares have been up significantly in recent days on no particular other news, and have generally […]

Matt Badiali gave an interview to the Gold Report recently in which he talked up the “prospect generators” again, mentioning several companies I own and have written about on StockGumshoe (both for teases of his, and from other newsletters). He mentioned Centamin Egypt, which I sold a while ago, Altius Minerals and Royal Gold, which […]

Like Ready Made Millionaire, this service lets you follow along as the folks at the Motley Fool invest $1 million of the company’s money, but this service claims to be more flexible and makes long and short bets and uses options in addition to more standard stock picks.


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