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I got several reader questions this week about a new recommendation from Dave Lashmet at Stansberry — it looks like this was issued as a recommendation for regular Stansberry Investment Advisory subscribers, not one of Lashmet’s more expensive biotech-focused newsletters, and it’s very light on clues… but let’s see if we can give you anything […]

“This Wednesday, September 5 Tuesday, May 28, a group of scientists will take the stage at a prestigious medical conference… “And announce to the world the potential end of disease as we know it.” That’s the attention-getting part of Ray Blanco’s latest teaser ad for his FDA Trader newsletter that Gumshoe readers have been asking […]

Ray Blanco makes (part of) his living looking for biotech moonshots, like most biotech-focused newsletter writers — and like his predecessor at Agora’s biotech and emerging tech-focused newsletter Breakthrough Technology Alert, he has often touted companies that are trying to end the scourge of Alzheimer’s Disease. Why? Well, two main reasons: First, and by far […]

We are always, always tempted by anything that promises hope to sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease and their families… not just because we’re humanitarians and love people, and have seen the pain of this disease, but because Alzheimer’s treatment is by far the largest (mostly) unmet medical need in the US, both because the population of […]

I love Thanksgiving. I love that we all try to remember to slow down our lives a little bit, spend time with family and friends, and give thanks for the incredible blessings most of us enjoy and take for granted. But I also love naming our annual “Turkey” teaser stock. What is this? Well, if […]

As a reformed academic, I have it hard-wired in my brain that work should cease for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day — Stock Gumshoe will be running on autopilot starting this afternoon, and we’re not likely to have much in the way of new articles posted until next year (unless you want […]

[ed note: Michael Jorrin, who I like call “Doc Gumshoe,” is a longtime medical writer who shares his thoughts with us a couple times a month — his articles are non-financial in nature, his words and opinions are his own, and you can see his bio and his past pieces here. Enjoy!] Indulge me while […]

That’s a subtle headline, right? I already issued a bit of a “brain dump” for the Irregulars this week, on Wednesday instead of Friday, but I couldn’t resist taking a little look at this latest teaser pitch from Patrick Cox for his Transformational Technology Alert. Quite a few readers have been asking about it, and […]


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    you never know. I mentioned AVXL on here for a long time and made a lot of $$$$ when it went to $28...

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    Own AVXL and SAVA. Purchased both because of the possibility to help my family battle Alzheimer's disease. Believe that ...

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    Thanks again for thoughtful and informative comments on avxl and quercetin. I have some stock in avxl and have done...

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    ok , CRTX is for Alzheimer's the stock is good to buy right now , going up for short, medium ,and long term, about 1 ...

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    Anavex Life Sciences AVXL is the company and ANAVEX®2-73 (Blarcamesine)is the drug I would like you to investigate fo...

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    I keep telling people AVXL I touted it when it was .60 and it will go to $15 if it gets to phase 3...

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    Doc, I found this comment very interesting: "Memantine (Namenda), from Forest Pharmaceuticals, an antagonist of N-methy...

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    [“‘Wonder if some are sharing stock research, thus wearing running shoes; not their own gum shoes??!’”] Looks...

  • Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe"

    Many interesting comments in response to that Alzheimer’s piece. I’ll try to respond to as many as I can. And ma...

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