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BLOZF CANNABIX TECHNOLOGIES INC COM Speaking of good ideas. When the Marijuana sector began to gain traction Cannabix Technologies came up with a Breathalyzer for THC. Genius!!! of course, there will be demand for this and every police car in American will need to have one. It has been a long bumpy ride and of […]

Michael Robinson runs the technology/venture newsletters for Money Map Press, and he’s out with yet another marijuana promo — after all, any newsletter that doesn’t jump on board the marijuana stock rocket is deemed pretty much irrelevant these days, just like any newsletter without a “crypto expert” was ignored in January. So yes, now Michael […]


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    I am all over BLOZF. I predict government subsidies assist in financing this little business. 2712 @ 1.68...

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    “Kings of Canadian Cannabis” — Michael Robinson’s “$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year” Marijuana Teaser ...

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    blozf isn't in market of marijuana, they are attempting to create a machine to tell % in your body. Like police use to...

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    Love how you figure things out. Love Aphria and it has done well and I have taken good gains and it is still gaining. ...

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    Agreed. 1) VFFIF 2) APHQF ($59M cash balance) 3) BLOZF The key takeaway from the video teaser is that once recre...

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