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Jeff Brown’s “Timed Stocks” pitch is essentially just another spiel about “buying biotech stocks before a catalyst event,” but it’s wrapped up in one of those video “summit” meetings that implies it’s something beyond a newsletter ad… and it’s so filled with massive promises of potential 1,000%+ gains that it’s driving a lot of Gumshoe […]

It looks like we’ve got another marketing wave from Bonner & Partners coming, this time in service of Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report ($199/yr), and we’re teased about the massive riches available from the advancements in artificial intelligence. And the promises are, of course, huge… here’s a bit of the spiel: “Remember when Apple made […]

The ad we’re looking at today starts out with all sorts of braggadocio about how Jeff Brown at Bonner & Partners is “arrogant” or “pompous” and “egocentric” and “in your face,” and in general just not a very nice guy… the headline is “America’s Most Arrogant Investor.” That’s all malarkey — I don’t care whether […]

I haven’t written about this particular ad, but I have seen it circulating over the past couple months… and the questions keep rolling in, so I guess the ad’s still in pretty heavy rotation and it’s time to get some answers for you. The pitch is for Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report ($99/yr “on […]

I’ve been mostly sitting on the sidelines during the “Crypto Mania” this year, because, well, anything “manic” makes me nervous and I still haven’t been able to come up with a rational price argument for any cryptocurrency…. … so I haven’t recently dug into all of the recent “Amazon is going to choose a cryptocurrency […]

This is shaping up to be “bitcoin week” here at Stock Gumshoe — I wrote a bit more about my (befuddled and pessimistic) opinion about bitcoin itself late last week, and we got things rolling on Monday with David Gardner’s “bitcoin backdoor” stock… … and today, we move on to Jeff Brown at Bonner and […]

It’s time for the parade of “what’s in the next iPhone” pitches to begin, I suppose… And actually, we’re a little late — the prognosticating about the next Apple supplier to make you rich usually starts before this point, just a few weeks before the next product announcement, so perhaps that investing theme has lost […]

Service that picks tech stocks, launched in 2017 — ads say that “you don’t have to know what’s going to happen miles down the road to get rich on tech stocks. You only need to know what’s coming right around the corner.” Brown also edits the (much) more expensive Exponential Tech Investor focused on smaller […]


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    So in Stock Gumshoe's opinion, is Jeff Brown's teaser for a 2k publication for a ticker set to cure childhood blindness ...

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    Hey Travis, Jeff Brown of Bonner Partners just did a pitch similar to Eric Bleeker of the Motley Fool today. He hinted a...

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    bonner : brilliant blow hard...

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    Amazon minting their own cryptocurrencies will totally disrupt currency as we know it; and, how we buy things will be ch...

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    Amazon and J P Morgan just announced a partnership. That bodes for big things to come. Blockchain technology is explodi...

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