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President Trump’s “germophobia” and longstanding reluctance to shake hands or hug people hasn’t saved him from exposure to the coronavirus, we learn this morning — both the President and First Lady have tested positive, following the announcement yesterday that Hope Hicks was going into quarantine after a positive test — but perhaps it will help […]

The latest teaser for’s Premium service ($149/yr) had a headline that caught my eye: “Discover How Our Latest Best Dividend Pick in Insurance Space Is Thriving in the Pandemic” Who wouldn’t be interested in that, right? The insurance business is under scrutiny and pressure to some degree because of coverage (or lack thereof) for […]

The teaser pitches from Dan Ferris tend to get a lot of attention from Gumshoe readers, both because there aren’t all that many of them and because the big Stansberry marketing machine sometimes pushes them pretty hard… and I have a lot of sympathy with Ferris’ general “value investing” strategy, and do sometimes find his […]


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    Dear Doc G. Regarding Co-enzyme Q-10 ("ubiquinol"): I have never heard of co-enzyme Q-10 being useful in fighting chol...

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    Re-posting. Hoping my question was simply lost in the BREXIT weekend. Dear KSS, would you render an opinion of the DH...

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    Dear KSS, would you render an opinion of the DHEA (50 mg). I have followed your advice regarding supplements. In a nutsh...

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    I take some stuff called MitoQ which is a modified Coenzyme Q10 which is claimed to get into mitochrondia 100s of times ...

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