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Looking into Jeff Brown’s “The ‘God Key’: The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics…”

The article below was originally published on November 27, 2017, when Jeff Brown’s ads promoting the “God Key” started to show up in our inboxes. It has not been updated or revised, but the new versions of the ad from Brown are very similar to the ones we covered in November, including the description of […]


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    In the 'code of life' advert, I picked up on a few quotes that led me to Editas as this November 6th winner including Mi...

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    $CRSP $NTLA (np) Caribou Biosciences and ERS Genomics Announce Global Agreement on the Foundational IP for CRISPR/Cas9 G...

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    A biotech startup has been issued a patent that involves CRISPR, the breakthrough gene-editing method that has sparked a...

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    There's an IPO coming up re gene editing that I can probably do without, but an interesting story nonetheless. Here's ...

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