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The folks at High Yield Investing have this to offer: “You can thank venture capitalists for your computer, cell phone, solar panel and countless other inventions that have made our lives better… and ground-floor investors filthy rich. Back in the day, if you wanted a piece of the action, all you needed to do was write your own million-dollar check. Not possible for 99.99% of investors. But today, you can buy your way into the exclusive world of venture capitalists for about $7.”

A big part of the advertising that comes out for Carla Pasternak’s High Income Investing is by way of their writeups on the “income security of the month” — and, as she has done this month, she often recycles these ideas … it looks like today’s “Income Security of the Month” was also the income security of the Month for October.

Times are tough, everyone’s cutting back — so no need to hire another copywriter if you’ve got a perfectly good sales letter sitting around!

Some of the comments below first appeared in this space back then, which now seems a lifetime ago, but I’ve added some more info and done some updating.

“These special hybrid securities not only provide strong returns during market turmoil thanks to the ‘AAA’-rated portfolio of their parent company — they also provide unlimited upside potential since the shares are convertible at any time into stock of the underlying company.”


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    I did very well with this stock back when Carla Pasternak recommended it as a dividend stock, both with dividend yield a...

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    I was a subscriber to High Income Newsletter by Carla Pasternak. I had a horrible experience with her - practically lost...

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    Capstead preferred has been touted many times in the last six months or so by Carla Pasternak, just FYI -- here's a loo...

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    My comment is only that I have had bad experiences taking suggestions from Carla Pasternak and Paul Tracy (STREET AUTHO...

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