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People love high dividends. No matter what else is being teased and touted, it seems, the ones that get forwarded to me en masse are the emails touting the high-yielding MLPs, trusts, REITs or plain old dividend-focused stocks that pay out unusually high amounts of cash every month or every quarter … and it’s hard […]

Elliott Gue has gotten his share of Gumshoe attention in the past, in part because of the bull market in energy stocks, which are his bailiwick at the Energy Strategist newsletter, and in part because he fairly recently took over Personal Finance, the longstanding high-circulation investment newsletter. But lately the most heavily pushed promos attached […]

“When Wall Street giants took a tumble, some of our picks’ payouts actually jumped 17% on average. “They’re still standing tall. “And right now, you can grab these high-yield gems—some with windfall potential—at ridiculously bargain rates. “If anything’s better than a monster-size yield, it’s a monster-size windfall. And why settle for just one when you […]


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    Next month will be my 1st year anniversary subscribing to Jeff’s “Near Future”. Out of his 12-15 recommendations,...

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    Chatted with oneforallforone and coming back to say this is legit. Thanks and keep up the good work!...

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    Guy has insight into tech stocks. Predicted the rally in Microm, Nvidia, AMD... He trades in stocks, not options. The ...

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    #NOK, #GLW, #SBAC are the three recommended . Nokia is the $6 stock. Corning (GLW) killed it today. SBAC Communication...

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    Mining rigs and blockchain node servers don’t use a ton of DRAM, but they must use solid state drives, made from NAND ...

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