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Ian Wyatt is out with some ads touting “Forbidden Stocks” — stocks that are abandoned by Wall Street, sold off by mutual funds, and can only really be appreciated by discerning investors who subscribe to his Million Dollar Portfolio (currently $295/year). Shall we figure out what they are? The spiel starts like this: “Wall Street […]

All of you, dear Irregulars, know that Stock Gumshoe is not a “tip sheet,” and I don’t operate a portfolio for other people to emulate or copy, or even attempt to track the stocks we cover as if they were a portfolio of buys and sells with consistent trading advice… but I do keep a […]

Cielo (CIOXY for the US ADR) is the biggest Brazilian credit card processor, they make their money primarily by adding merchants to their transaction network (leasing them the card swipe machine and processing the payments through whatever credit or bank card they use), and by getting a tiny slice of each payment. They came into […]

Happy Friday, all — Irregulars have already seen a few “members only” articles this week, from Dr. KSS’ new posting to my update on goings-on with Ligand, so I think we’ll probably be a bit on the brief side with the Friday File today… let’s see if I can stick with that prediction. Things are […]

I’ve spent the past couple weeks going over my updated opinions on all of the past “Idea of the Month” stocks (or at least, those that haven’t already been dropped from coverage over the years), and I promised to put them all in one big list in order of likingness (yes, I know it’s not […]

The annual parade continues — I’m updating my thoughts on the stocks I’ve suggested in the past as “Idea of the Month” investments, and in this installment we’re looking at what are mostly dividend-growth stocks: income ideas, but not stocks that have particularly huge current dividends (those “bigger yielders” were covered in Part one here). […]


  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Sheesh, more updates! Cielo down a bit on the back of a reduced forecast for Brazil GDP growth, since their business tr...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Cielo seems to me to be humming along nicely -- they were more or less on track with earnings this week, decent growth b...

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    Stan as a long time reader of Donald Coxe with whom I have always had an intellectual affinity I, as does he, tend to in...

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    I did take notice back when you first mentioned Cielo and own a nice piece, thanks Travis. A couple of weeks ago I jump...

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    Hey Gumshoe, A bit of a ramble. Several weeks ago NPR ran a story about mobile payment processing in S. Africa via a ...

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