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I’ve ended up with a portfolio that’s pretty heavily weighted in “growth” companies in recent years, but I always find myself a little more intrigued by “value investing” ideas — companies with real fundamental earnings power or undervalued assets that trade at a discount to their growth-ier peers. So when some readers sent in questions […]

First Published March 8 2016 This is not a brand-new ad, and it has been discussed by Gumshoe readers a few times — but apparently I’ve never written about it or looked closely at it, so we’ll remedy that today. And, of course, we’ll name the “secret” stocks being teased for you. Keith Kohl opens […]

Natural gas has to be the least favorite commodity in the United States right now — it’s dirt cheap even after it recovered from recent lows below two dollars, local communities in some areas are harrumphing about earthquakes and water pollution in the areas where hydrofracking is producing this cheap gas, and the gas developers […]


  • I highly recommend CMI Gold & Silver if you live in Metro Phoenix. Bill Haynes has owned this firm for decades and ...

  • Cummins announced last year an Electric Truck motor, but on my quick search I'm unclear of their progress. BMW was a th...

  • Don't think I've written about that one, but the usual suspects are Westport (WPRT) and Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) for na...

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