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So now, more than six months after this pandemic was officially declared, some experts are telling us that the COVID-19 testing that we have been doing is all wrong, and that a totally different form of testing could be an effective way to end the pandemic.   What they are saying is that the scientific […]

Today we’re headed into the wild and woolly world of biotech once again, sniffing out the secret stock from a teaser pitch for Biotech Millionaire, edited by Chris Wood and Jake Weber over at Mauldin Economics ($1,795/yr, includes their Healthy Returns letter… and unlike most higher-cost letters these days, they actually offer a 30-day refund […]

Today I’m getting a lot of questions about the “Coronavirus Recovery Package” being pitched by Alexander Green — he’s selling Oxford Club subscriptions ($99) by promising a special report called “The Three Biggest Winners of the Coronavirus Recovery.” Green’s big-picture intro is pretty reasonable and rational, and similar to lots of other folks these days […]

I’ve gotten a few questions about the latest Technology Profits Confidential (currently $79/yr) tease from Ray Blanco, so although it’s a few weeks old now, and started circulating right in the heat of the first coronavirus downturn in mid-March, I thought I’d take a look today. It is still a current ad, I got it […]

This is the latest teaser pitch that a lot of folks have been asking about — and rightly so, I expect, because it’s designed to be extremely topical and get you revved up immediately. Here’s the intro to the ad that I’ve seen in some Angel Publishing newsletters: “We’re now in crisis mode over coronavirus […]

It’s been a roller coaster ride so far this week. I’m a beginner in investing and waiting for the market selloff to reach the bottom. Given the situation that coronavirus just started spreading in US, anyone who can read the situation comment on what could be possible bottom or did we already reach it with […]

Having just devoted an entire Doc Gumshoe piece to the notorious coronavirus (COVID 19), I’m going to make those coronavirus updates brief – it looks to me as though the news media is devoting a major part of its capacity to covering most aspects of this pandemic – and, yes, it now certainly looks like […]

Please indulge Doc Gumshoe while he presents his musings on what’s going on in general in the health-care arena, and in particular, which new drugs are getting the FDA blessing and why, as well as which ones are getting the short straw.   My impressions and conclusions are in some cases only loosely based on […]


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    That ad has been running for a long time now, but it's Editas... covered here most recently: https://www.stockgumshoe...

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    Speaking of cancer treatments..................................................... "One drop of company’s breakthro...

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    Looking @ your progress spreadsheet, to be fair to Dylan Jovine, he recommended RSH last fall when it was around $16-$17...

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