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Just got spammed by Curzio: Rare Small Cap Recommendation (less than 2 bill?) Biggest Growth Sectors in America (construction?) Growing Faster than peers (done a ton of acquistioons) CEO recently bought $1 million of stock (new CEO just bought) Might be SUM which seems to tick all the boxes, but don’t know for sure.

Got a Curzio spam the other day touting his newest CVA newsletter pick: And my newest pick could be the best-performing one of them all…It’s an under-the-radar biotech that recently applied for an FDA emergency use authorization. That’s when the government allows a healthcare product to be sold without having to go through the entire […]

I’ll let you know up front that this is not a particularly “secret” stock reveal today — yes, Frank Curzio is hinting at a stock to promote his entry-level newsletter (Curzio Research Opportunities, currently $49), but you could find this stock on your own. Anyone could, that’s the nature of a unique product. But I’ve […]

Curzio Research Advisory still e-mails me cover letters for their picks, where they don’t disclose their picks. Last month, I think it had to be KSS. I can’t tell for sure because I’ve been locked out of the system since I refused to pay his $35 ”maintenance” fee on my ”lifetime membership” a couple of […]

Frank Curzio’s latest ad for his Curzio Research Advisory newsletter ($79/yr) starts out with a pretty big promise… “There’s a one-in-three chance someone you know could be saved by this new device. “That’s because one in three Americans will die due to cardiovascular disease – the No.1 killer not only in America, but worldwide.” And […]

Frank Curzio has graced the pages of Gumshoe quite a few times over the years, under the aegis of several different publishers, but this is the first time he has actively promoted his new self-published “front end” newsletter, Curzio Research Advisory (he launched his “back end” newsletter, Curzio Venture Opportunities, late last year). I don’t […]


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