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“ the company’s CEO… He’s got a stellar track record of growing miners into gold-producing giants… like Kinross Gold, which is now valued at over $6.6 billion… and Placer Dome, which was acquired for $9 billion in 2006.” This is really omthe only clue in his ad.

Curzio teased a little in his show last Friday about a company he went to New York for to do some boots on the groun research. He met with chief of police and spoke of a new weapon that he allowed the police department to demonstrate on him. A new non lethal restraining weapon that […]

My experience in digging through these teaser ads over the past dozen years tells me that the super-expensive “premium” newsletters are no more likely to generate long-term returns than the “entry level” newsletters… but we’re conditioned to associate price with value, and $5,000 newsletters are simply out of reach for so many small investors, so […]

This article was originally published on March 26, with an immediate deadline at the time… but the ad is now being recirculated by Marin Katusa with a new April 30 deadline, so we’re re-sharing the teaser solution. The meat of the ad is unchanged, and the article that follows is also unchanged… and we’ve left […]

Frank Curzio has one of those “limited time only” opportunities now for a little gold stock, and he has some pretty outlandish returns to entice us… so let’s sort through his clues and see what he’s talking about. The pitch is for his Curzio Venture Opportunities newsletter, which is the back-end “upgrade” newsletter for Curzio […]

Frank Curzio is pretty close to my age, I think, but has been a newsletter guy for decades — his dad was a newsletter writer, well-known mostly because he accurately predicted the 1987 crash (presumably in his F.X.C. Newsletter) and got pretty consistent attention from the press for a while because of that, and Frank […]


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    And judging from the 6x normal volume today I'd say RVLGF is his pick. I got an email from him yesterday saying he had ...

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    I'm thinking its these guys..

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    I sent it over. Hmm, didn’t know he was in the pp. Maybe he thinks some big contract is imminent so he felt he coul...

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    Agree on MLP, covered that one here:

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    My source has actually been to the mine. His overall take is look at this as a trade if you take it. There is risk in...

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    This is amazing. I'm being deluged by Curzio spam at least twice a day. He's asking people to "act" by November 1. He...

  • Avatar Insider buy Friday....

  • Avatar is a Top 5 cell phone company that is supposed to announce some phones 3/27/18...

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    Reviewed the bill Trump just signed and it would appear the funding should be available for IVACs defense business. I e...

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    IVAC - more on this. -- Curzio probably should have titled his spam Betting on a Press Release from a Top 5 phone manufa...

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