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President Trump’s “germophobia” and longstanding reluctance to shake hands or hug people hasn’t saved him from exposure to the coronavirus, we learn this morning — both the President and First Lady have tested positive, following the announcement yesterday that Hope Hicks was going into quarantine after a positive test — but perhaps it will help […]

This article was originally posted on August 27, when we first saw these ads circulating… apparently lots of folks missed it, and the ads are running hot and heavy again, so we’re re-posting it here to help answer a flood of new reader questions. The stock teased has popped 40-50% or so on the Stansberry […]

I got several reader questions this week about a new recommendation from Dave Lashmet at Stansberry — it looks like this was issued as a recommendation for regular Stansberry Investment Advisory subscribers, not one of Lashmet’s more expensive biotech-focused newsletters, and it’s very light on clues… but let’s see if we can give you anything […]

Dave Lashmet has been a biotech/medical analyst and sometimes a newsletter editor at Stansberry for a long time, and the latest iteration of his high-end newsletter is now called Stansberry Venture Technology (currently “on sale” for $2,500, no refunds)… and it’s now being promoted with a “cure for cancer” spiel, so we obviously all want […]

Lots and lots and lots of you have been asking me about the big “cancer presentation” that the Stansberry folks made last night, which apparently was a combination of Dr. David Eifrig’s medical advice and forecasting and Dave Lashmet’s hinting about his “medical breakthrough” stock… so let’s get to it. I did not watch or […]

Alzheimer’s Disease always gets a lot of attention from newsletter publishers, readers and investors — not only because we all know someone who suffers from this terrible malady, but because we know that the current treatments are ineffective and the market is huge… which means that any real solutions or more effective treatments could create […]

Stansberry Venture is a high-end ($5,000/yr) newsletter that focuses on small “breakthrough” type companies, so far mostly in biotech and technology as far as I’ve seen. It’s the heir, roughly speaking, of Stansberry’s old Phase 1 newsletter that used to often pitch biotech, tech and junior mining stocks. It’s helmed by Dave Lashmet, who was […]

That’s a mysterious headline, right? The pitch we’re looking at today is from Dave Lashmet at Stansberry, who’s selling his Stansberry Venture newsletter for $5,000 — and the carrot he’s dangling to get you to subscribe is this “most disruptive biotech discovery” … which, it turns out, is a form of radiation therapy that, in […]


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    Just being a Stansberry Alliance Member does not allow you access to Stansberry Venture Tech subscription of Dave La...

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    Thanks to Author/Editor: Dave Lashmet for reading and going through this long and tedious Stansberry stock tip/newslette...

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    Travis, could you please investigate the obesity drug company that Dave Lashmet is hinting about for Stansbury Research?...

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    Earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year), I listened to a Stansberry infomercial where Steve Sjuggerud gave hi...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    I think you're right, we covered that one here:

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    It's always interesting watching how the various parts of the Agora "empire" deal with the same stock. Here Stansberry'...

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    Cancer briefing nov 15 stansberry Dave lashmet and doc eifrig claims new cancer breakthrough with 500 percent gains this...

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    I like the stuff that I've read from Dave Lashmet. I think that he's a straight shooter. If he says buy INO, then I'...

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    This all seemed familiar to me and so I looked up some old data dated February 2006 and Dave Lashmet was teasing about t...

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    Re: biotech mergers and acquisitions Although the surge in M&A activity has some observors warning of a "bubble" in ...

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