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Thanks so much to the new folks who’ve joined us as Irregulars this week — we’re midway through our annual charitable membership drive, and it’s looking pretty good… I’m hoping we can get our totals up to last year’s numbers, and we’re almost halfway there with a donation pile of close to $6,000 now. That’s […]

This appears to be the “hot” story of the day, given the number of alert Gumshoe readers who have been forwarding it along (you can always submit your teasers, too, or forward them to ILoveStockSpam[at] — the more the merrier!) — it’s from Wall Street Daily and is selling their Publisher’s Series as a quarterly offering […]

Markel released their earnings last night, and they were, well, typical very good Markel earnings — they actually had an above average year in some ways, with good underwriting and not much catastrophe loss and good increases in sales (written premiums). And now, after crashing to about 1.05X book value after announcing the Alterra acquisition, […]


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    It looks like Einhorn's investing woes continued through March, despite the late weakness in some of his short positions...

  • SoGiAm

    $MU, $AAPL $GM -#Legendary Short Seller David Einhorn adds Micron; slashes General Motors; Apple

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Ha! I'm a Cornell alum, too. Not quite a billionaire, I'm afraid, though David Einhorn must have been in a few of my c...

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    My thanks to David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital for announcing he was shorting Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) in June of ...

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    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Martin has the same exact story and pitch for the new boso Tom Essay!! Martin said the followin...

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    I don't know anything about ADAS, but for insight into Allied Capital read "Fooling Some of the People all of the Time" ...

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    Allied Capital was started in 1958 by ex-FBI agent David Gladstone.(Who also began GLAD after leaving Allied Capital). A...

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