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[Ed note: Following is another installment from our favorite medical scribe, “Doc Gumshoe” (no, he’s not a doctor). We feature Michael’s commentary every couple weeks or so, and his thoughts and words are his own. “Doc” doesn’t pick stocks, but FDA decisions are a huge driver of investment success for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and […]

Robert Morris is helming a biotech-focused stock newsletter that’s called Biotech Supertrader (modesty has no place in the world of newsletter promotions, of course), and I’ve never covered this letter before so I thought I ought to have a look at the latest teaser we’ve been asked about. Morris, incidentally, has been featured in our […]

[ed note: We feature the musings of our favorite health and medicine writer, Michael Jorrin, a couple times a month, and we’ve taken the liberty of calling him “Doc Gumshoe” (he’s not a doctor). You’ll find no stock picks in his pieces, but hopefully will get plenty of insight into the medical matters he explains […]

Today we’re sharing another piece from our medical contributor, “Doc Gumshoe” — we have added the stock tickers to the companies he mentions for your researching convenience, but this survey of the state of cancer research — which will hopefully be good background help to folks trying to understand the basic science behind pitches for […]

The one area of the web that has as many “self help” and “miracle solutions” newsletters (and marketing teasers) as personal finance is health — the investing newsletters promise eternal wealth, and the health newsletters promise eternal life (or something dang close). Readers ask us about the crazy marketing for these health newsletters all the […]


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    This was immensely interesting as my mother has Alzheimer’s. You do not mention anywhere the research carried out by D...

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    Gotta say, from all the memberships I need to pay for (think; Netflix, Spotify, Apple News+, Hulu, Barron's...) the one ...

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    Excellent article Doc Gumshoe! We really appreciate all of your efforts to educate us and keep us informed and abrea...

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    "News about the effectiveness / ineffectiveness of the current flu vaccine has been spread far and wide, with the result...

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    #ZKSS and #DocGumshoe hav...

  • Michael Jorrin,

    Many thanks to all the readers of yesterday’s DocGumshoe piece. I’ve noted down your questions & will try to a...

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    Dear DocGumshoe, First of all ~ welcome to the Gumshoe reading family. The subject you are focusing on is vast and the...

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