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“1+1=4” and “The Universal Cancer Cure” — What’s Stansberry’s Dave Lashmet talking about in his latest ads?

Dave Lashmet has been a biotech/medical analyst and sometimes a newsletter editor at Stansberry for a long time, and the latest iteration of his high-end newsletter is now called Stansberry Venture Technology (currently “on sale” for $2,500, no refunds)… and it’s now being promoted with a “cure for cancer” spiel, so we obviously all want […]

Identifying Manward’s teased “$5 Cancer Killer That’s Headed to $50”

Andrew Snyder has been on the editorial team of a bunch of different Agora-affiliated newsletters over the years, and is now helming his own little offshoot called Manward Press — a publishing imprint that aims to helm men reach “true fulfillment” by focusing on “Liberty, Know-how and connections” … though, of course, to sell newsletters […]

Identifying Lashmet’s December 31, 2017 medical breakthrough: “Radical treatment that could treat 1 in 2 of all cancer patients”

Lots and lots and lots of you have been asking me about the big “cancer presentation” that the Stansberry folks made last night, which apparently was a combination of Dr. David Eifrig’s medical advice and forecasting and Dave Lashmet’s hinting about his “medical breakthrough” stock… so let’s get to it. I did not watch or […]


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    Trade Note: I hit my stop loss with Hershey (HSY), so those shares are sold. I wouldn't be against ...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Oh, and yes, it turns out that long Elekta/short ViewRay would have been the right call -- VRAY is down 23% at the momen...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    Elekta not doing so bad for that first six months since Lashmet teased it (assuming the Thinkolator was right on this on...

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