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This article was originally published on January 29, 2019, when we first saw these ads from Cabot. The ad is still running, with little to no changes or updates, and the article below has not been updated. When everyone’s worried about a trade war, look for the stocks that benefit from superpower rivalries… that’s a […]

I’ll let you know up front that this is not a particularly “secret” stock reveal today — yes, Frank Curzio is hinting at a stock to promote his entry-level newsletter (Curzio Research Opportunities, currently $49), but you could find this stock on your own. Anyone could, that’s the nature of a unique product. But I’ve […]

Frank Curzio’s latest ad for his Curzio Research Advisory newsletter ($79/yr) starts out with a pretty big promise… “There’s a one-in-three chance someone you know could be saved by this new device. “That’s because one in three Americans will die due to cardiovascular disease – the No.1 killer not only in America, but worldwide.” And […]

Franks got a new revenue stream he’s trying to promote. The Email stated: ” We recently recommended a collectibles company to All-Star Portfolio members with a simple yet fantastic business model” ”management team currently owns 12% of the company” ” this company is focused on returning cash to shareholders… paying a 4%-plus dividend” So I […]

This article was originally published on March 26, with an immediate deadline at the time… but the ad is now being recirculated by Marin Katusa with a new April 30 deadline, so we’re re-sharing the teaser solution. The meat of the ad is unchanged, and the article that follows is also unchanged… and we’ve left […]

The talk of trade war with China is bringing the idea of Chinese mineral dominance back to the pages of investment teaser ads… we’ve seen several in the last week or two that focus on rare earths, where China remains dominant and might have some extra negotiating leverage in trade disputes, and this latest pitch […]

Frank Curzio has one of those “limited time only” opportunities now for a little gold stock, and he has some pretty outlandish returns to entice us… so let’s sort through his clues and see what he’s talking about. The pitch is for his Curzio Venture Opportunities newsletter, which is the back-end “upgrade” newsletter for Curzio […]

Entry level newsletter from Frank Curzio’s new research company (he previously wrote the somewhat similar letters Small Stock Specialist and Disruptors and Dominators for Stansberry and Weiss, respectively), aims to focus on stocks of any size (most of his previous newsletters were small-cap focused) and on large trends.

Frank Curzio has graced the pages of Gumshoe quite a few times over the years, under the aegis of several different publishers, but this is the first time he has actively promoted his new self-published “front end” newsletter, Curzio Research Advisory (he launched his “back end” newsletter, Curzio Venture Opportunities, late last year). I don’t […]

The Disruptors and Dominators newsletter, one of the “entry level” letters from Weiss, is out pitching a “silver bullet” company — a firm that has developed a universal cancer vaccine. And, of course, they’ll tell you all about it — for your $49 subscription fee. Here at Stock Gumshoe, we’d like you to think things […]

Frank Curzio is pretty close to my age, I think, but has been a newsletter guy for decades — his dad was a newsletter writer, well-known mostly because he accurately predicted the 1987 crash (presumably in his F.X.C. Newsletter) and got pretty consistent attention from the press for a while because of that, and Frank […]

Nick Hodge is pitching his Early Advantage newsletter (about $800) with a story about a “golden loophole” that he says provides your best path to profits in the precious metals business — and lots of readers have asked me about that “loophole” this morning, so we’re going to put the Thinkolator to work identifying the […]

As a reformed academic, I have it hard-wired in my brain that work should cease for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day — Stock Gumshoe will be running on autopilot starting this afternoon, and we’re not likely to have much in the way of new articles posted until next year (unless you want […]

Frank Curzio has been around the block a few times, helming mostly small-cap newsletters for three different big publishers over the last decade or so — his current “entry level” newsletter for Uncommon Wisdom/Weiss is called Disruptors and Dominators, and he’s selling it today by touting the possibility of 2,997% gains from the advancing science […]

Buy this ‘Under $0.50’ Stock by November 1st, 2013 “This is one of the few times in the history of our business we have recommended a company so small and with such high upside potential. A triple-digit gain within the next 12-36 months is highly possible…. “We’ve been vetting the opportunity for nearly two years.” […]

Here’s the lead-in to the new Stansberry & Associates pitch: “How I Got My Multi-Millionaire Grandmother To Finally ‘Spill The Beans’ On Her BIG Retirement Secret “She went from making $17 a week… to completely retired, practically overnight. She hasn’t worked a day in over 53 years and will NEVER outlive her money. “She’s never […]

I generally don’t like to write about super-heavily-hyped microcap stocks for the whole Gumshoe readership, because we’re almost guaranteed to cause a spike in the price for that stock. So when I saw the latest teaser for the Phase 1 folks over at Stansberry, and those teasers always cause a huge flood of emails to […]

You can always count on a good story from a Phase 1 teaser — Phase 1 is the fancy top-of-the-line upgrade newsletter from Stansberry & Associates ($5,000/year, though it’s usually “on sale” for $3,000 when they’re promoting it as they are now), currently edited by Frank Curzio, and it has historically focused on lots of […]


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