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“Strong Buy Alert” teased by Motley Fool Canada — next “Forty Dollar Frank” Stock?

I’ve been seeing ads for the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Canada service recently that catch the eye… mostly because they promise what we all want, the ability to find that one stock that will turn your small investment into a life-changing fortune. They do this by starting with the story of “Forty-dollar Frank” …. “When […]

“Retire on one $4 stock?” Profits Run teases this is “like buying Berkshire Hathaway back in 1967!”

This teaser solution was originally published on January 22, 2019, when we first saw the ad running. The ads have still been running in recent weeks, and we’re getting questions about it again, so we’re re-posting it here for your information. The ad has not changed, and my article below has not changed, though the […]

Retraction or Addition? “This Tiny Company From Waterloo Just Bet $1.4 Billion on Artificial Intelligence…”

I wrote on Monday about a Motley Fool Canada pitch for an Artificial Intelligence stock, and that tease pointed at one of two smallish tech companies from Canada’s Silicon Valley (Waterloo, Ontario)… I speculated that it was likely OpenText (OTEX) that Stock Advisor Canada was hinting at, given the clues dropped, but today we’ve got […]

“Why Would One of the World’s Smartest Investors Sink $522 Million Dollars Into a ‘Busted’ Tech Stock?”

What’s on the docket today? An ad for Jim Woods’ Successful Investing, which seems to be a newly revamped version of that longtime “entry level” investment newsletter (founded by Dick Fabian — Jim took over the Successful line of letters when Dick’s son, Doug Fabian, left the newsletter business in 2017). The letter is being […]

Friday File: Two Sell/Buy Simplifications in Mining, plus more Buffett, a Dating Trade, and thoughts on a dozen other holdings

We’ve seen a long stream of earnings reports and other worthwhile bits of data on Real Money Portfolio stocks since I last wrote to you, including some that actually included some interesting news, so prepare for a lot of quick updates…. Medical Properties Trust (MPW) reported another quarter of ho-hum… pretty much met the forecasts, […]


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    You must have entered FRFHF incorrectly, as I find it via Robinhood, E-Trade and Schwab....

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    FFH is on the Toronto exchange, FRFHF is the over-the-counter symbol for trading in the US. Some brokers don't support ...

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    Neither FRFHF, nor FFH.TO show up as valid symbols. what would that be?...

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    Travis You said you own shares of Fairfax Financial Holdings. After reviewing this company What are you seeing that I...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    I think he will get it right long term, but I won't wait forever and I do watch their actions pretty closely. The big p...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    That depends on your perspective, I guess, and the addition of his daughter this year was a little troubling to me origi...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    I can't answer that question very definitively, of course -- and any answer will be different given the squishiness of t...

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    @Travis I struggle to understand why Fairfax is so poorly covered on the news, plus, they get discredit articles like t...

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