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Kramer: “If you don’t take a small position in this marijuana stock, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

Individual investors are obsessed with marijuana stocks these days, hoping to get in on pot stocks the same way Joe Kennedy got in on whiskey in the days before prohibition was lifted… so it certainly caught our readers eyes when Hilary Kramer started promoting that she has “The One Stock That Could Make You a […]

“Breakthrough ‘Superbug Firewall’ Could Save Millions… And Make You Rich”

Hospital acquired infections are a huge health care problem — and where there’s a huge problem, there are people trying to make money by solving it. That’s the beauty of the entrepreneurial spirit … and you’ve probably seen various teasers over the years about companies that are trying to “kill the superbugs” and help both […]

“Great Online Advertising Play” owned by John Paulson, and “The Only Smart Way to Profit From Solar” (Hilary Kramer)

I wrote about Hilary Kramer and her new(ish) GameChangers newsletter for the first time just a couple weeks ago — so it’s certainly too early to judge whether her teaser stocks tend to perform as she predicts (that pick, Metalico, is down about 10% from when I wrote about it … but I don’t hold […]


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    I took on HK gamechangers off the back of the PANW 6 weeks later HK told us to sell it as it wasn't going to hit the tar...

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    Hi Travis: Just joined as an 'irregular'. Read the rather mediocre reviews here on GameChangers. Is Hilary gett...

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    All the newsletters I have subscribed to have dissappeared from sight. The first was Elaine Garzarelli. She signalled...

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    Dear Friend, I have very sad news to share with you today. Georges Yared, renowned editor of GameChangers, unexpe...

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    The gamechangers teaser is currently under discussion in the forum . . . ....

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    Do you know what these are? Right now, the GameChanger System has locked on THREE BRAND-NEW GameChangers, ready to b...

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    Looks like Georges Yared is teasing this in his latest GameChangers solicitation. Don't know what it means when multipl...

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    If Visa is as i believe a good inventment then why is this ad necessary ? I was just in New York City to hunt dow...

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