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I don’t know what’s going to happen to interest rates, taxes, GDP growth or the stock market, all of which are intertwined, but right now the sentiment expressed by the market seems still to be vaccine-driven optimism about economic recovery from the pandemic, which implies that the renewed push to speed up vaccinations will lead […]

GAN is down 17% today (20.77 as type). It was covered on this website last I see on June 19th, and was bullish at $22… Anyone adding on this drop?

If my limited interactions with the outside world are any indication, I’d say we’ve gotten to the “cab driver” period that institutional investors often talk about: When your cab driver starts giving you stock tips, the top is probably near. That’s not a reliable predictor, of course, and I guess it would be Uber drivers […]


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    Or perhaps he simply signed up and invested in something based upon a little green dot that says "buy" under it. Big mi...

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