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Jason Stutman’s “upgrade” newsletter, The Cutting Edge ($1,499/yr), is out with a teaser campaign that promises you the chance at riches from “Charged Ore” … and, in fact, an actual sample of that ore itself as part of your subscription. So what is “Charged Ore,” and what’s this little Nebraska mine that Stutman thinks will […]

Those who’ve been around these parts for any length of time know that I like to get the minerals and mining exposure in my portfolio primarily through royalty companies and their ilk — the firms who put in cash or exploration properties in exchange for a share of future production but who don’t actually do […]

Agriculture is yet again a big story in the markets — we’re told not only that food inflation is a big part of the unrest that toppled Tunisia’s government, may be part of what’s bringing down Mubarak in Egypt, and is certainly a major part of the inflation that’s hitting China and other emerging markets, […]


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    Crocodile Gold has been badly beaten down, and one might add, justifiably so given their performance over the past coup...

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    Myron, Would you mind explaining in greater detail about your confidence with Crocodile Gold? I follow your columns a...

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    Crocodile Gold is not very open about thier cost /oz. which is $942, very high !!! Too high for me to consider buying th...

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    Howdy Gummishoe, Again I just want to say how much I appreciate your fast and efficent sleuthing. Since I found your sit...

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