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GME comes up again! Reddit (NOT my favorite people/hangout) being “CENSURED” on “BUY/SELL” of “certain stocks,” or ON STOCKS THE “PRO’S” expect to “MAKE A KILLING ON!” And by “PRO’S” I mean BROKERAGE FIRMS RUNNING WHAT MANY CALL A “SCAM” giving them, (THE BROKER) Carte Blanche, on ALL PROFITABLE TRADES [somewhat overstated, but not stretched […]


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    SOMEHOW, the FACT that GME STOCK was up “2000 percent” IN MEXICO got left off! I was VERY SLEEPY when I POSTED THAT!...

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    By the way, replay of a Glen Beck Radio Program (NO IDEA WHAT DAY) said GME (GameStop) stock was up 2,000 PERCENT! But L...

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    I bought BEEM in the fall last year at $13. Closed at 65.56 today and has been as high as $73. They have been busy wit...

  • Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

    It's been a wild and wacky month, but pulling off a real "short squeeze" in the futures market would be tougher with sil...

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